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    Call me Crazy, but I'm sticking to my Elemental Shaman. Nothing more dependable to me, however, I am heavily considering making my Rogue my main, even though she's only... 84... lol. Such a fun class though! Oh and Mage... you gotta have a mage.

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    If you've got to explain the joke.. it failed the instant you felt the need to explain it.

    On-topic: Sticking with my M.A.G.E.
    Mega Awesome.. Gatling... Evocation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AbsolutVodka View Post
    Mega Awesome.. Gatling... Evocation?
    Pretty much.


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    My DK is 547, but my shadow priest is 4 stones away from cloak, so if they won't revert the buffs they gave to Shadow priest on week one, I most likely will try to jump on him. Goodbye beloved DK, 3 cool years, but some bosses of SoO are ridiculously bad for melee with some long downtimes and therefore unfair dps penalties(ranged can stay and roll big numbers while melee should LoS boss to not to die)
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    It forces you to double tap. that's it. It's a great change.
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    It's just so you can say you tapped something twice that day.

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    I'm a Mage and a Mage I will stay. However I am looking forward to trying out the new changes to Prot Warrs. I just hope it doesn't go full Paladin-Tank mode where dps will have to fight the Tanks on every single piece of gear that has even a slight amount of Haste.

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    always healed on my priest and i guess that won´t change

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    Rerolling one of my toons that has more bag space :S

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    I'm going to keep rolling my monk.

    Get it?


    Because monks have roll.

    The ability currently known as, Roll.
    I find these comments mysterious, could you explain in more detail?
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    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
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    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    Guild needed a tank so I swapped from DPS DK to Prot Warrior because I absolutely despise the way Blood plays in 25H. Thankfully I decided this a while ago and almost have my 600 cloak due to good luck - rerolling is a bitch this expac if you want to be competitive.

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    Sticking to my mage. No reason to fix what isn't broken.
    Edit- I am regearing out my rogue, pally tank and Spriest though just in case. I doubt highly that will ever be needed but you never know.

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    If you're semi-hardcore or semi-casual what's the other half? To me, they're both the same thing.
    Canicus - 577 - Arcane Mage - US Mal'Ganis Horde - 12/14H T16

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    Sticking with my Holy Paladin, even though I see dark clouds up ahead. Not much choice either way. Have gone through Shamanwell Plateau, can't get much worse than that.

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    Sticking with my Elemental Shaman, but might bring my Demo / Aff Warlock on some progress fights, if Elemental proves to be too crappy for HCs, I might reroll altogether.

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    Sticking with my Hunter main. I don't particularly care if we're lagging behind other classes. I'd rather improve on a class I'm well versed with than reroll something else just for the sake of numbers.

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    I don't have time to farm new gem and cloak so I have to stick with my hunter.

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    I bet a majority of the people screaming reroll, ain't going to reroll at all.

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    I'm sticking with the same Paladin i've played for the past 3 years, as long as i enjoy the class ( and it's not nerfed to the point i can't do heroics with it ) i will play it.

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    Unless you regularly have played one or several alts already for months, I'm not sure how it is possible to catch up with legendary items in a reasonable amount of time till SoO hits (?)..

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    dropping my hunter and going monk or pally tank probably. They screwed over hunters too much to want to play it, and my monks almost caught up with his legendary anyways. (plus our tank just quit, so yeah)

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    Probably gonna stick to my fury warrior with a prot off-spec, but have been playing around with the thought of going full time on my warlock

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    I think alot of hunters will reroll. Maybe Balance druids too, balance is looking kind of gutted. You'll see even more balance druids going warlock i believe. haha

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