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    Pvp Achivements and Titles

    Hello guys.

    I've decided to make a thread about my main problem about pvp and titles. In BC i play a lot with my mage and get the Centurion title with it. But its not account wide. I have the Scout title also. Today i decided i'll finish my
    Conqueror achivement but its....ye again...not account-wide. I dont know whats the concept under this system and i cant understand why pvp titles are not account wide. In this case the Conqueror title is the same as the Ashen Verdict in ICC, its reputation. So at LK i left my mage and rolled to rogue and sp, and switched to pve and a bit casual playing style. And i dont really enjoy pvp enymore, but i cant use my titles and thats not so good feeling. I think a lot of player ferls the same but i dont really kniw where can i post about this, and where can i get answers from the devs or blues.
    If anyone can help me about this or you have any opinion about please share.

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    I agree that it's stupid that they aren't account-wide.

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    how did you get the centurion title in bc? wasn't that a vanilla title until rbgs came about?

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