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    Rogue PVP (leveling/41)

    So I'm leveling a rogue, I'm at level 41 currently and decided to try and see how rogues do in PVP because they always shit on my mage. But it seems like I'm not doing damage like other rogues I've seen. I'm assassination with full enchanted BoA, whats a good opener?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crennox View Post
    whats a good opener?
    Respec sub. On the other hand, at 41 meh, you lack talents.

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    Well you're missing Prey on the Weak and Marked for Death which I think are pretty essential.
    Also you're missing all of the cooldowns.
    You're missing things like Venomous Wounds, Rupture and Relentless Strikes.
    And yes: Sub is better.

    But trust me: it gets better. If you get your hands on the good weapons quick.

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