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    green fire quest chain need help

    I'm doing it as demo warlock 504ilvl and can't get rid of aggro of Kanrethad,
    when pit lord enslaved and attacking boss I have 1k% threat, with my noway to insane damge of 100k, after I'm using soulshatter and gateaway then I going back to boss and aggro jumping back to me again from 70-100% to 150%,and going again back to me after each gateway
    then during 1st wave of felhunter he throwing shadowbolt into myface, which is going through wall and make me dead
    can't do anything he still seat on my face instead of pit lord whats wrong I don't understand

    and for those who will say go as destro, stfu ,I don't want never try never will
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    Whenever he does a phase change he'll always aggro you again so be prepared to go through the gateway every time this happens. Use the soulshatter when he summons the felhunters and your pit lord is out of line of sight to make him to attack the pit lord while you deal with the felhunters (you have to deal with them fast though as he'll move into the middle and cast cataclysm shortly after, and moving your pit lord to interrupt it while felhunters are still up will lead to them breaking your enslave)
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    it not working , he just go for pitlord for few sec, and after I back from los he switch back to me immediately, as looking on his unit frame it's still glowing red

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    put in the gateway glyph and set up gateway so you jump the shortest possible distance. use portal every 15 sec->gg

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    ok, I try to save soulshatter before felhunters
    another question when it's good time re ensalve pit lord?

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    I re-enslaved after the fel hunter before the doom gaurd

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    i re-enslaved while he summoned the first doomguard.

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    I forgot to re-enslave all together, but luckily i had good enough DPS that the boss died on 2nd fel hunter phase with me running around like a headless chicken - being chased by pit lord and 3 felhunters.

    But the best time to re-enslave is just before the doomguard is summoned.

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    I feel like more information would help determine what might be causing the aggro issues. I never needed soulshatter to drop threat, so I'm not sure where all of your aggro can be coming from. You make it sound like you climb the threat meter insanely fast, and if you're using the gateway to dump threat on cd, the only way I could envision you snapping threat back so quickly would be if you're using dark apotheosis...

    I highly recommend watching skUywalker's video on youtube as well.

    Start to finish kill of Kanrethad done by a warlock with an item level of 384. There is no caveat to it either, other than the purification potion to beat enrage. It epitomizes that this fight is about knowing your class, not having gear.
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    destruction has the massive advantage of a spamable heal. while it may not be necessary it makes the whole thing much easier.

    personally i got MUCH better results just tanking the dmg from ebonlocke instead of jumping through portals. he dots you up anyways and targeting the dispel breath is a pain when your pet doesn't stand still.

    the felhunter phase did cost me perhaps 1k gold in repairs too ...
    it got much more doable once i read somewhere that the felhunter dispel is a cone in front of them. position your pet left of the portal, soulshatter so ebonlocke goes for the pet during the phase, spam ae on the portal so they don't face your pet, use scrificial pact and the heal from your pet when not on 100% life, pull all cds and kill them as fast as you can (demo with all cds and double chaoswave should have a relativly easy time i think).

    just kill them before he uses cataclysm. it gets messy in that case. btw you can send your pet on ebonlocke again the moment you have the aggro from the felhunters.

    and don't heal your pet once doomlords are in the game! you will never lose the thread of a 6 mio heal or something like that. and keeping them ccd adds just more hassle you don't need in the last phase.

    another hughe chunk of failures came from beeing not hitcaped (pvp gear) and enslavement breaking when you should interupt something (and then resist enslavement while there is 1 sec cataclysm channel remaining ...). be prepared for that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zstr View Post
    and for those who will say go as destro, stfu ,I don't want never try never will
    My mind is so full of fuck.

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