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    Wana get back into game

    As the Tittle says i wana get back into the game but i forgot my pw and somehow managed to lost my serial number is there anyway to fix the issue or am i shit out of luck?

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    You'll need your serial number for a quick fix - if you have the credit card info and address information that was put down during purchase, you can contact support and get it that way.
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    Well i do and don't it was payed with my debit card i think which was canceld but i still have the adress info

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    Seems fishy, like you're trying to steal the account of somebody you know.

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    Nope was just a dumbass and lost my serial number lol, and closed to debit least the part that lets you online purchase due to losing money due to no income

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    Create a support account here, they should be able to help you out.

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    Customer support are very fast and very good. They should be able to sort you out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tripping View Post
    Customer support are very fast and very good. They should be able to sort you out
    Yea I had to figure out my GW1 info to link accounts so I could use my email address but hadn't even seen the GW1 box since I converted friends from it to WoW. I just had to answer a question and they linked it for me.

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    yeah their customer support is A+, many a time i've had them sort my password e.t.c. out

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    Yep started again just gotta figure my goal out since theres sooo much new stuff

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