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    Cataclysm it is. It started out well with the first tier of raiding, excellent stuff. Then we had Firelands, far too small a raid for 6 months farming. Then Blizzard follows up a small raid with yet another small raid in Dragon Souls that also had the most boring/underwhelming/ridiculous end boss in the history of WoW (not the mention the entire zone was almost 100% entirely reskinned garbage). You can probably blame the implementation of LFR for the lack of content tbh.

    TBC>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MoP>Wrath>Cata>Vanilla. From a 100% raiding PoV.

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    Cataclysm probably had the weakest content overall, I feel like it started strong but it started going downhill from 4.1 and onward. The ZG rehash was pretty cool, ZA was pretty lame... 4.2 had Abyssal Maw scrapped for some reason (them wanting 1 theme for the raid is bullshit) and DS was one of the worst raids in a while. You can call me nostalgic but I did enjoy pugging ToC alot more then DS, it might have been an arena but the boss fights (few as they were) were more fun. 4.3 did bring transmog though which was pretty cool, but if we look at all the stuff the other expansions brought us... The selling point of the expansion was a rehashed 1-60, they did and awesome job there but other then that... Mounts were also pretty weak, glad mounts were armored drakes... DS mounts were slightly remodeled drakes,... Firelands mounts were really just reskins (although they do look cool), only the first tier awarded with unique mounts.

    It wasn't all bad though, cata did bring the best questing experience up to that point and the new 1-60 were super fun and had pretty good lore, rather then the old kill 10 bears because w/e. And I really enjoy the BGs it brought aswell (alot more then IoC and SotA).

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    Was all set and ready to vote Cataclysm but then gave it some thought.

    Cataclysm did make 1-60 a lot better, 1-60 is now actually kind of fun. It also had an interesting story with Cho'gall and the Firelands. Deathwing was pretty bad ass, well up untill they actually released that terrible DS raid, I think that raid is why the expac left such a horrible taste in everyone's mouth. Though 80-85 wasn't that good either.

    So instead I voted for MoP, it's mostly a personal thing though.
    I dislike the asian theme and everything that comes with it, it's just not my cup of tea.
    I do like the new BGs and ToT was pretty good, I also like some of the scenarios.
    But if I wasn't pestered to come back by an old friend to tank I would've skipped this expansion completly.

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    The weird thing is, Cata had a lot of great things going for it.

    Its really just the broken up zones, how friggin long we were stuck with DS, and some rather silly end-game fights that soured it...

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    I didn't like BC. Sue me.
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    Mists of Pandaria, closely followed by Cataclysm.

    At least I remember some things from Cata. I genuinely forgot I leveled a char to level 90 in MoP, that's how forgettable it was.
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    Worst to best:

    Cataclysm > TBC > Wrath > MoP.

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    Cata easily. To this day i have not entered a single one of the raids, everything felt so random, getting twinks through those level is a huge PITA, it felt like blizz was getting lazy and arrogant (you can almost feel the attitude of 'those fucking nolife addicts will buy and enjoy it anyway, no need to put effort in' in literally everything they did in this expansion)...just... no. Fucking disgrace to a company that once was respected as a From Gamers For Gamers brand.

    List of the good features of Cata:
    RBGs before they turned to shit

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    Glad to see lots of others think Cata just seemed.. I dunnoo.. lazy? The lore didn't give off any sort of "feeling" for me. There were lots of pop culture references to the point of it being "stop", and the whole "death and destruction fire rawr" just didn't resonate with me. All the other expansion had a definite aura to them, Cata was just.. there.

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    Blizzard ruined the game for me with Dragon Soul. All the bosses were either easy(eventually easier), boring, or just retarded (Spine, and Madness). Blizzard barely tried and completely failed. Easily the worst tier of raiding I have ever been a part of.

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    Cataclysm hands down. With as easy as wrath became, I saw almost no cc, people breezed through dungeons like they didn't even care, groups became all about me and what I'm doing. when i first started healing on my shaman, which was my first step outside of dps, i could just sit there and spam chain heal while falling asleep at my computer without fear of anyone dying. I know it sounds like I'm bashing wrath, but the content was fun, an the story was interesting when you stopped to read quests and examine what's going on around you.

    Come cataclysm, it was MANDATORY to cc right off the bat, it threw many players off dramatically, since most new players to wrath had no idea what cc even was. Dungeons were a horrible nightmare, I once spent 4 hours in Grim Batol, because I needed that mace off the last boss so badly and every time people would drop, we would just get more people who can't understand that cc was necessary. I saw more players quit the game at that massive learning curve over anything else. I watched a server die. Tanking became so difficult most people I knew, completely dropped it and didn't pick it back up until they had a decent amount of epics. Healing was equally as frustrating, it was impossible to keep a tank alive when he would just charge right into a full pack of un-cc'd mobs, and I got to watch as our party quickly turned to ashes. Due to this, I saw a massive rise in toxic players, who would badger each other endlessly over the slightest mistakes.

    The dungeons themselves, were dull and boring, with only a few fun fights throughout. I have to say my favorite dungeons in the expansion were SOLELY the twilight dungeons, and not even because they were fun, but because I enjoyed the lore.

    the raids were more frustrating and disappointing than anything though. when I went into BWD i realized the only fight that was really fun, for me at least, was Atramedes. it was drastically different and was for the most part the only part of the raid that had ANY lore tied into it. Chim was okay, but the mechanic was frustrating to teach to healers who weren't willing to learn. BoT had much the same issue, and honestly the raid itself was terrifyingly boring. even Sinestra was making me yawn. I didn't even bother with ToTFW up until after firelands came out. Firelands was interesting at first, until all the bugs and frustrating boss mechanics came into play. not to mention the entire raid fucked melee at every corner (traps on shannox, the constant movement on beth, the legs on rhyo, etc.) I found most raid guilds (on my server at least) were forgoing almost all of their melee dps for ranged. I was the only melee in my 10 man group, and there were other guilds on the server that weren't even using melee.

    DS was an enormous mess. things hardly made sense, and when they did, it was gimmicky and lame. I did however enjoy the later parts of the raid as the aspects took more of a role in the fights (specifically Ultraxion and Madness), and I was delighted to find my favorite mount (lifebinder's) in the raid.

    LFR I think was a good addition for those players who don't raid, or couldn't raid, and I think it was a step in the right direction of fixing everything that was wrong at the start of the expansion, but the loot was handled poorly. Many times did i see a full heroic geared person roll into lfr and just need on everything they could.

    SOME of the questing zones were enjoyable, in particular for me, deepholm and twilight highlands. Hyjal was disappointing before and after the firelands patch. and I feel like Vash'jir (sea world) had a ton of potential, and I do remember seeing a blue post that there were many bugs that they had, that they didn't have the time or effort to fix, which lead to the disappointment that it is. I will never quest there again. ever. Uldum was decently fun and I really enjoyed the Indiana Jones references, made for a few good chuckles. but having them all seperated as they were just felt...weird? i don't know. The quests themselves were hit or miss. some quests were awesome, other quests made you want to gouge your eyes out.

    so, uh, yeah. cata.

    TL;DR? Cata removed a lot of baddies from the game, but also changed the players that stayed. People became bitter and angry. Dungeons, and raids were boring as hell, and there were only a few good questing zones.

    sorry for the long ass post. I talk about this with my friends and guildies on a strangely often basis.

    Edit: totally forgot to bring up transmog. if anything good came from that xpac, it was lifebinder's handmaiden and transmog.
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    Like everyone already said.. Cata zones weren't as cool and no new continent made it worse and the raids weren't as fun as in other xpacs. For example, BWD,BoT, ToFW weren't as fun as EoE, OS, and Naxx and DS was too easy and Deathwing's death felt anticlimactic.

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    End cataclysm and begin of pandaria

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    Cataclysm, although not by a huge margin

    I think all of them were really good (didn't play during DS though, and people really didn't like that).

    Cata had awesome launch raiding content imo. Also I like the 1-60 revamp.

    It had some issues (levelling content spread over the entire world was pretty bad)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raeven1301 View Post
    I very much suspect that, if you asked this again after the next expansion hits, MOP would have far more votes. People are still playing it and feel the need to defend it, many people staunchly defended Cata when it was still active too. I also suspect that those choosing TBC are people who are angry at everyone saying it was the best expansion and hating on the current one, so are choosing TBC with the intention of marking it down, probably those who started in Cata/Wrath. Much like people have to hate on the best MMO etc.
    I'm playing since Vanilla focusing mainly on progressive raiding and TBC was by far the worst experience ever. I've cleared all the content in TBC but it wasn't pleasant at all. Almost everything later on was much more fun and actually challenging experience skill wise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilija View Post
    I'm playing since Vanilla focusing mainly on progressive raiding and TBC was by far the worst experience ever. I've cleared all the content in TBC but it wasn't pleasant at all. Almost everything later on was much more fun and actually challenging experience skill wise.
    you're right, but you are one player, one out of 7 millions currently playing and possibly 20-30 millions ex-players. i play since vanilla and progress in raid since vanilla like you, and i say TBC was the best time i had in wow. I guess that counter balance your opinion.

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    What a surprise, Cata came on top! I wonder why rofl

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vankrys View Post
    I'm willing to bet a lot just vote for TBC out of spite, because they do know that TBC pretty much won every single contest of best wow expansion. keep in mind that a very large chunk of TBC player does not hand around MMO-C anymore, so TBC will only have weak support at best here, still popular though.

    but fear not, you know it, i know it, the immense silent majority of past players knows it, TBC will forever be the golden age of wow. Only after TBC that wow stop its growth and start to stagnate and decline.
    Actually noone knows what the silent minority thinks so don't assume stuff to support your oppinion. TBC started the trend of dying servers due to complently broken progression model. Also forced tons of great players with slightly less time to put into the game to quit WoW. TBC model supported quild switching like no other era ever before or after. TBC was the pinacle of douchebags and wanna be elitist who had a lot of time for the game. When the game actually started requiring more skill than time the wannabies felt threatened by "the casuals" since they weren't special anymore ONLY because they could spend tons of time in game. Not to mention that FotM specs in TBC were so much better than everything else. Class balance was broken. The gameplay was only challenging time wise. And I've cleared the whole content in TBC as well tho not before the major nerfs because I didn't want to play a FotM class/spec and because I prefered to stick to my guild (till there was no chance to recruit anymore on a dead servers) and not jump ship like most people the moment something didn't go smoothly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vankrys View Post
    you're right, but you are one player, one out of 7 millions currently playing and possibly 20-30 millions ex-players. i play since vanilla and progress in raid since vanilla like you, and i say TBC was the best time i had in wow. I guess that counter balance your opinion.
    You are also 1 out of current 7 millions which for most don't come to the forums. TBC is ONLY popular on forums which is hugely inconclusive. People mistake the popularity of WoW during TBC thinking it was due to the quality of the expantion while the most logical reason is that the game was still fresh and growing. WotLK reached the mmo market saturation point. Cata tried to cater to TBC fans and look how it turned out for Blizzard making the "challenging" content bring the start of the biggest drop in subs ever.

    Also, taking into account that 90% of my Vanilla/TBC friends quit during TBC I would assume I'm not that alone in my oppinion about TBC. Sure, it's not conclusive, but shows that TBC was not as brilliant as people make it on the forums. You don't even imagine how many people hated TBC who don't play anymore due to its horrible design. Tbh, I was so close to quitting in TBC as well. Glad haven't done that because everything later was so much better. Cata broke few things due early cattering to the TBC fans but still was miles better experience than TBC even tho it was obviously unfinished.

    Vanilla > TBC >> Cata > WotLK > MoP is how the quality of WoW presents. I would even add one more > between WotLK and MoP if it manages to fix what Cata has broken.
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    I have a feeling most people saying Vanilla and TBC were poor never actually played them pre Wrath.

    Some people also need to learn '>' means greater than.

    Vanilla > Wrath > TBC > MoP > Cata.
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