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    Norushen 25 man

    How are you guys handling sending in people?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kilj View Post
    How are you guys handling sending in people?
    We set up two groups, with two healers, tank and 2 DPS and those two groups were the first to go in. From there we just winged it, sending a DPS or a healer here or there until we got the boss to 50% then we just popped Lust and zerged him down.

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    You do 5men groups. But arent there just 4 Orbs?
    How much is the Dps-loss with 75 corruption? 75%?

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    i think i remember there being 5 orbs. 75 corruption is 50% less, 100 is 75% less i believe.

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    it's a tight dps check and it's a hard enrage. i believe there are 5 orbs. you really need to get every dps purified ASAP.

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    Honestly, We just winged it. Sent people in who needed to clear corruption and just nuked the boss and adds. Killed it with 37 seconds to beserk... Now that will probably not work on Heroic.
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    how geared was your raid minituk? our best hard enrage was still 22%

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    This boss we I believe 3 shot on 25 man (guild was 11/13H back in ToT so above average, but nothing insane)

    Our setup - 3 main orb groups with 1 specialty group for the first set of orbs

    First set of orbs:
    Off tank
    2 rogues
    2 healers

    Gets some of our best single target dps cleansed first so they get sit on the amalgamation the whole time and just nuke.
    After that we had each of the other 3 groups go in 1 by 1 (3-4dps, and 1 healer, occasionally 1 tank).
    After all of those groups went in they did not go back in unless they hit 75% corruption.

    1 Multidot group - 1 Warlock (myself), 3 Spriests, 1 Balance Druid- never soaked puddles just dotted up adds the whole time.

    Did not really have a problem until near the end (5%, tanks died) but rogues evasion and warriors die by the sword made the last 5% no problem. People in he orb groups need to soak whenever a large add dies and whenever their corruption get to around 75% go back into the other realm to cleanse themself.

    Hope this helps.

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    We kept it very simple. Send groups 1-5 in order. We also went in with mostly heroic gear as well so that probably helped us force our way through it.

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    We did it last night in 25 man and it took 2 attempts. We did 5 groups of 5. then as needed. When we got boss low and if you had anything more then 25 corruption, we sent you down because you wsould only have 1 add that you could kill in 10 secs. The 10 sec loss was worth dropping the 25% damage reduction. we had 30 sec on enrage and average item level was 542
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    We only had ~5-6 dps get purified in each of our raids last night (+some tanks/healers for soaking). Made the fight very tank-and-spank-ish with barely any adds up top.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caeth View Post
    how geared was your raid minituk? our best hard enrage was still 22%
    Well, Thats probably the difference. Our combined Ilvl was probably ~549. We only kind of out geared the content lmao.
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    We were starting with 4 man groups (im going to suggest sending in 5 man groups for next week) and then from there it was a priority list. If someone got 100% corruption then they were sent in, other then that we had a set list. Once we were about 55% we sent in all remaining dps and just zerged it once they were out. The fight was sorta madness, but really fun.

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    Posted this in a different thread but could help some folks who may have an undergeared/casual raid force.

    I will share with you a strat I came up with for my raid team and maybe it will work for yours.

    First of all decide how you will soak the orbs from the manifestations.

    We used 3 tanks / 5 healers / 17dps setup.

    1 Tank on boss, 1 tank always tanking manifestations and 1 tank in the test realm losing corruption.
    They would rotate through, the tank that comes up from Test realm gets on adds (with 0 corruption to soak), adds tank to boss and boss tank to test realm.

    Between the tank on the boss and the add tank the manifestations should always be picked up and be out of the raid (knockbacks work on them as well)
    Tanks always soaked the orbs from manifestations which should die well away from group.

    Alternatively If you want to use 2 tanks, you can have healers soak the orbs as well, or people further down in the buddy chain (see below)

    As for rotation we found that getting 12 DPS purified worked perfectly for timing of the 50% mark and meeting enrage, your mileage may vary and you can definitely push more into the realm to get purified it just makes the fight more hectic.

    We setup 2 buddy strings of people with the melee at the front so when they came out they could tunnel the boss.

    String 1
    MDPS1--> MDPS3 --> MDPS5 --> RDPS1 --> RPDS2 --> RDPS3

    String 2
    MDPS2 --> MDPS4 --> MDPS 6 --> RDPS 4 --> RDPS5 --> RDPS6

    You get the idea.

    At the start of the fight we sent down immediately 1 tank, 2 healers (DPS heals in our case Disc's) and MDPS1

    ~10 seconds later MDPS2 enters the test realm

    DPS are always instructed to kill the big add first and immediately when getting inside
    People in the buddy chain focus the person ahead of them once that person goes into the test realm and comes up, thats the trigger for the next person to go in.

    For example: MDPS1 goes in at the start and when he comes out of the test realm thats when MDPS3 goes down.

    This method allowed us to get a solid stream of big adds coming every 10-15 seconds or so, which was helpful for the tanks picking them up.
    At the 50% mark all purified dps need to burn the boss and the ~5 corrupted ranged DPS need to handled each of the adds that come out every 10%.

    Make sure it is clear that Add damage goes into the boss and sub 50% anyone who isnt purified and isnt dps adds immediately are hurting the raid.

    Hero/Lust at 30% or below and group up for heals.

    Hope this helps, the organization of this fight is harder if you don't overgear it. My raids just moved to 25s from 10s so we half the raid at 540 ilvl and half the raid at ~ 515. We barely beat enrage and had many low % wipes until players got accustomed to the fight.

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    we just ran 5 4-5man groups sending 1 group down every 45 seconds~, setup so our top bursters where in there first so they can nuke the boss longer with the 25% dmg increase you get at 0 corruption. also have everyone swap to the adds asap since they are practically soul linked with the boss and you can do full damage to them.

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    If you have enough dps, like ilvl 450, you can just send tanks and healers in. Dps just tunnel boss. This is the nerf strat.

    We sent tank + healer first. Then I've they're out, 1 top dps. When hes out, another etc just calling this manually on ts.

    We found the biggest problem was actually sending too many peopke in, you get quickly overrun by adds with too good dps. In that case, just reduce amount of people you're sending in

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