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    5.4 LFR clear estimate.

    Any experienced gamer remember how long it took for LFR to clear ToT after 5.2? I know the wipe buffs can eventually clear everything but a 4 hours per wing run isn't fun. I am planning to play Rome 2 for 1-2 months after its release, is it reasonable to presume by then LFR is geared /experienced enough to clear SoO?
    Lazy LFR leecher thanks you.

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    Well, the final four bosses of ToT weren't available in LFR until six weeks after 5.2 was released, so it's possible that SoO will follow a similar release schedule. You can at least expect four to five weeks before all of SoO will be clearable in LFR.

    If you mean the time required to clear each wing, that depends entirely on how lucky you are with groups. Hopefully SoO LFR won't have any giant roadblocks like Durumu and Garalon were before the nerfs, but that remains to be seen. Outside of that it should be fairly normal; I don't remember many issues with the first two wings of ToT LFR early on. It was mostly just Durumu and Lei Shen that caused runs to take hours.

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