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    What does that have to do with it? I wouldn't expect them to add that level of customization to a single race and ignore the others, and the fact that feature X hasn't been implemented *yet* has no bearing on whether or not it will ever be implemented.

    I would expect more customization. It just seems obvious.

    Uh, well, because the pandaren are supposed to be on the same level as the player models maybe? They don't seem to have the extreme amounts of customization mentioned in this thread and I don't believe that they would suddenly at it in. Plus, worgen and goblins aren't confirmed to get an update yet, so.. they would have to edit it so they can add more customization to the pandaren models, and to the goblin and worgen models?

    Yeah, no. I very much doubt it. If they were planning to add more customization, you would have seen it on the pandaren.
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    Nope, that would be too much work, I think. I don't think it would really fit WoW, either.

    However, if the models look as well done as the Orc one (assuming Garrosh IS the new Orc) then I am major excited.

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    I'm assuming they will just have much higher pollygon counts along with thicker hair like viewed in the picture above.

    Above pic was made by a blizzard artist who was apparently working on titan, more than likely has nothing to do with the new race designs but its a nice example of what we could expect.

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    We don't really need them. Would be nice, but wow already have the most various and the biggest arsenal of races to play. Many other games have either just a few races like 4-5 total and/or all the races look similar human like.
    I want independent customization though. Why is my hair color linked with eye color for example? And much more hair color variations. Like red (real red, not that fake brownish red everyone calls red, make it look like ruby), purple, blue, green available for all races. WoW has magic and steampunk technology, our hair salons can have hair dye too!
    I do not wish for sliders in customization, just give a bit more choices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cle View Post

    You want skinnier model but not as anorexic? what? If they are already anorexic, then why you want more thin?
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