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  • DK

    9 20.45%
  • Druid

    2 4.55%
  • Warrior

    6 13.64%
  • Paladin

    16 36.36%
  • Monk

    11 25.00%
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    What class is the best tanking class ?

    So im starting to play wow again after a long break and i want to play a tank, but im not sure what class to pick.
    what class are the most viable tanking class ? and why

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    Paladin and DK are good this expansion

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    Vanilla Shaman

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    I'd say go monk, they're fun as hell

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    Paladin is easily the most resourceful tank class currently with it's various tools, very solid DPS, insane additional healing for your raid group and a rather easy gameplay. This makes prot palas the best tanks hands down.

    However, Monk tanks are currently 2nd best after paladins with many various tools and gimmicks. They're easily the best tank for melee damage heavy fights. On the plus side, with a monk instead of having the boring gameplay of a paladin - you get an exciting gameplay with fresh mechanics, a lot of active mitigation which makes you more involved and the reward of your proper gameplay and rotation is immense DPS output as a tank, competing and usually even beating the DPS classes of your team.

    Some may say monk needs a higher skillcap to play since it relies so heavily on active mitigation. If a regular block tank like a warrior or a pala makes a mistake, he gets a penalty in a form of more damage intake whereas when a monk makes a mistake he will most likely get one shot. But as long as you stick to the basic guides, monk is still pretty simple.

    By all means, try tanking as a monk and you won't regret it =) Best of luck!

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    Druid is the best ;D

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    Monks if played correctly are the most fun and offer great mitigation otherwise you'll be a healers worst nightmare. Paladins edge out in survivability and knowledgeable use of ShotR will only make life easier. Not terribly fun to play though.

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    I've been finding that with proper Rage management, raid bosses are doing almost no damage to me via Shield Barrier. At first it's not so great, but once you get into the fight a bit and get a lot of Vengeance, you start to absorb like 100k damage, this is on top of your dodges, parries, normal blocks and all the damage absorption healers are putting on you. Generating 50-60 rage quickly and then slapping another shield on yourself tends to mean you take almost no damage from normal boss attacks.

    Shield Slam and Vengeance are your big Rage generators, which actually makes hit and expertise slightly good for Warriors, but you still want to balance that out a bit. Hitting the boss and gaining an absorption shield from it is NICE and all, but it still doesn't quite beat totally dodging or parrying, but at the same time, Dodge and Parry are totally RNG where Shield Barrier can be kept up more consistently and reliably, so it's a big theory-craft/personal choice issue.

    Personally, I love what they did with Prot Warriors. I'm not a giant fan generating rage while in defensive stance, and you're not -really- going to want to jump out of it for too long during a raid boss in order to generate some more threat, but if you keep focused on making sure you're always at about 50 rage, your healers can more or less just AFK.

    I dunno if they're DA BEST TANKZZZ in MoP, though, and it's likely they aren't because Blizzard continues to make Prot Paladins so easy a plank of wood could play them, plus Brewmasters are "the hip new" class, so I'm sure they're all equipped for MoP raiding (though I see almost none of them.). This was just my look at MoP raiding as a Prot Warrior, and just how it's been working for me so far.

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    Monks are my absolute favorite tanking class and class in general. They just flow and there toolkit is amazing. Sure if you drop Shuffle or miss a well timed Guard or forget to clear your stagger you'll get trucked but that is what makes the class so much fun! You really have to pay attention or you get owned, simple as that.

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