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    The only thing I didn't like about Vashj'ir was that any spell targetting the ground was hard to use. Other than that, I say bring it on!

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    Did Vashj'ir the last few days on my druid. Loved it.

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    WoW doesn't do underwater well. Too disorientating. Blizzard fails at the Z axis.

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    AOE abilities can't be used, hard to see distance to target because there is no ground, often its hard to figure out if target is above/below you.

    That zone was annoying.
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    I don't like underwater zones after questing in vashj'ir, it just feels slow and clunky.

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    Despite the inability to use ground targeting, I thought Vash'jir was absolutely beautiful and quite amazing, although it is really large.

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    I thought Vashj'ir was ok, but I certainly understand why some people hated it. I have no doubt that Blizzard would do things very differently if they did another underwater zone. There'd be a lot less navigating in 3D (possibly even normal gravity) and I'd expect a way to teleport to and from the surface.

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    As they are right now, bad. Planar targeting doesn't work underwater unless you're on the sea floor, which is bad game design. That is the reason underwater zones suck. Fix that and I'll have no problem with them.

    Vashj'ir didn't suck because it was underwater. It sucked because its story was absolute shit. Mount Hyjal blew it out of the water in every respect.

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    The problem with Vash'jir wasn't the zone, but the annoying quests...

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    For every underwater zone there ought to be a level equivalent dry-land zone. Vashj'ir was nice and interesting and all, but the way it plays is heavier than with other zones. Having Hyjal as an option was a great idea.
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    I don't think I'd quit, but I very well may.

    Underwater zones suck, to put it simply. Fighting in a 3D space like that just isn't good in this style of game. I didn't like the Kael'thas fight in Tempest Keep either because of the last phase having to fly around, it's just awkward.

    If there's a zone or two underwater I'd deal with it, if it's an entire underwater expansion I don't think I'd buy it, to be honest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fooliuscaesar13 View Post
    I loved it.
    And really, when you think about it, after getting the mount it's really no different than flying around in Azeroth/Outland except you can be caught and dismounted.

    I'm betting most people didn't like it because it's easier to move in a 2d plane than a 3d cube/sphere. But each their own. I enjoyed it and would enjoy it again. What I'd hate is the tears it would drown the internet in.
    I couldn't say it better myself! Though I'll try!
    I simply loved Vashj'ir! For all my characters that came close to 80, it was the number 1 choice to go! I loved the quests, the environment in general, even the music!
    All in all, I hope to see something similar again in future zoneS!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kjdocs View Post
    AND, i really just never got excited over NAGA.

    Probably going to get a lot of flack for that. NAGA and underwater go hand in hand, so again, hoping for something else.
    I hate nagas. The sound they make is so annoying. Also I don't like underwater zones because I can't jump around there and gnomes like to jump all the time.

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    do the zone once for lore master and then never go back again just like vashjir

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    I personally loved Vashir, but the Wow engine sucks for underwater combat. The only flaw of Vashir was the combat.

    The best way to have underwater zones is to just have the water impact the visuals only, not the gameplay. Have the zones behave as if it were any other zone with flying mounts, no floating enemies and no swimming. Lore wise, insert magic enhancement buff, pretty much like the same lore used for not being able to fly in Outland, Northrend, etc until the proper level.
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    I actually enjoyed cata's underwater zone thoroughly. I think maybe a combination of the 2, a floating city maybe, could be a cool idea.

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    It was horrible. And 10 times worse as melee.

    3D positioning doesn't work in WOW.

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    vashjir most fun levelling experience i had since 04

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    if it was optional i would definetly choose the non underwater zone, but i wouldn't quit if it wasn't optional :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterOutlaw View Post
    Underwater combat as melee is a horrible experience. No rational person could enjoy playing melee in a zone like Vash'jr.
    i only played melees there and enjoyed it. Its the other way around ranged aoe spells are flawed in underwater combat if you are not at the bottom of the sea.

    Gap closers and ranged spells such as howling blast aren't here just for show, you know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Binki View Post
    AOE abilities can't be used, hard to see distance to target because there is no ground, often its hard to figure out if target is above/below you.

    That zone was annoying.
    some aoe abilites can be effecteviley used there, like howling blast, it always hits, no matter what. other aoe abilities should hit like howling blast too, that can't be that hard to design.

    anyways, the best melees suited for current underwater combat mechanics are frost dk and feral druid.

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