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    ideas to improve on the already most fun MMO out there

    I would like to keep this post fun, fresh and full of ideas you people as the gaming community would love to see improve the current game play features and ones that could be added to make the game even more appealing than it already is.

    Number one on my list.
    Add something to the engineering profession to tinker with armor/weapons to add 8 additional upgrade item level slots. Depending on the armor and weapon types it would require supplies from various farming professions to help keep the economy up plus a daily CD engineers would have to do much like tailoring.

    My reasoning for this is as fallows.
    The idea of removing valor vendors for rep and gear purchases and keeping the upgrade vendor seems like a solid idea. It in theory allows you every week to always feel like you’re upgrading your character and becoming more powerful. However, eventually there are those times where you really don’t have anything to upgrade and wish you could do something at least.
    So basically instead of a total of 8 you would get 16 item levels extra out of a piece and prevent that state of having useless currency and give us an additional gold sink.

    Number two on my list will be about additional ways to spend valor and boosting old loot.
    For this I am going to use the Warglaive’s as an example.
    Their level cap is level 70. A players individual hard cap on valor is 3k. Why not implement something where if a player so chooses he or she could spend 3k valor and improve one of their Warglaive's to level 75. So it would take 6 total weeks to get both of them to 75 at a cost of 6k valor. Than it would be 12 weeks to level 80.
    Let skip ahead and assume next expansion is level 100. If my math is correct it should take a player 36 weeks to get them both to the level cap of 100. That wouldn’t be an easy feat. In fact not overpowered at all, that’s more than half a year of WoW. Would also be cool to add an achievement/feat of strength to do so.
    I am not saying to do this with every item, just Legendary items and a few popular old proc items from the past.

    Number three is a compromise between the new and old talent systems.
    For this I will use a Mage and Mist weaver monk as examples.
    The biggest complaint is cookie cutter specs when it comes to talents but if we take the method of the new system and apply useful stuff from the old one it could be fun.
    Once again I am going to assume the next expansion caps at level 100 and for this assumption I will go with 1 talent every 10 levels choosing one of 3 options.
    First tier talents for mage could be a choice to make your main spell(arcane blast,fireball,frostbolt) either reduce cast time by 0.5 seconds, increase crit damage bonus by 5% or heal up to 10 nearby injured party/raid members for 10% of damage dealt by these spells.
    First tier talents for Mist weaver Monk would focus on Soothing mist. You could have choice of reduce mana cost by 50%, heal an additional target for 50% of the normal amount OR soothing mist no longer heals but is a damage spell, procs eminence (also causes statue to do damage).
    Without making an even longer wall of text, just imagine if we did that with every spell we have for our specs. No longer a choice of what we bring to the table now it would be a choice of what style of that ability do we bring to the table.

    My last wish on the list would be for class specific heirloom sets.
    These would scale to the cap every expansion and would be good enough to get you in the first tier of raids and could give you a 2,4,8 set bonus.
    Make it so they are purchasable with Justice/honor or add something called heirloom token that you could get from defeating final bosses in scenarios or 5 man heroic dungeons.
    To me this seems like a great alt friendly way of playing the game. It still keeps the grind as you would if you’re an alt o holic do a lot of scenarios and 5 mans to make sure when you as a player level an alt for the end game are ready to jump in without some other hoop like a daily quest rep grind.
    It could or should have PVP power on it as well for the PVPers in the game to get them ready for their bg/arena farming as well.

    What are your thoughts folks?

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    I'm curious to hear how relatively delicate number crunching tweaks would make this game noticeably more enjoyable.

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