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    Even though Mages are good DPS at the moment, any Mage that can be actually pulling numbers they should be. My server is pretty average overall so it might be why don't see many, but even in LFR most Mages seem to just be meh. So any one that pulls good numbers for their ilevel impresses me, but as a Mage I am biased.
    I've observed this as well, while there are lots of mages around I met probably 10 or 15 outstanding mage players in LFR ever since it was first released for DS. I mean I don't expect much from 5 mans these days but as soon as you step into raids... seems to me like the class is being played by many more underachieving players than the average, and that even though it has one of the few specs in the game that allows easily doing good number with next to no gear (namely, Frost).
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    We have a Combat rogue officer that pulls insane numbers and ranks on every fight. It's rather frustrating. :<
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    Love all the retards in here that really don't know what's actually required to be at the top of your class in PvE.

    "Hurp durp google rotations and don't stand in stuff" isn't even remotely close.

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    I were quite impressed by our blood dk last Jin'rokh when he came in on a close 2nd just behind me as an assassination rogue. He's often among the top on damage, but not on that fight.

    Quote Originally Posted by sasslefrassed View Post
    We have a Combat rogue officer that pulls insane numbers and ranks on every fight. It's rather frustrating. :<
    To be fair it's hard not to rank as combat if you know what you are doing. Most rogues are playing assassination. Insane dps is still impressive though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redrun View Post
    What I mean is, we all know who tops the metres and ranks are a the same 3-4 classes. But There are underpowered classes that sometimes come out of no where and make you go wut? what is this XXX doing, doing so much dps!? For me is enh shamans had one in our raid that was pretty impressive.
    Rogues hands down.
    I'd say feral druids, but I hate druids as per my contract with Protection warriors. I also hate pallys and Death Knights

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    Classic and BC-era prot warriors still amaze me. Most of the ones that have been playing that long have mastered the mobility of their class, controlling the NPCs that they've rounded up, and managing their damage intake.

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    I'm only impressed by great healers, they have to deal with everyone's mistakes.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbamboozal View Post
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    Very strong warlocks ;D

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    I don't understand the people who said retribution paladin. Ret is very easy and forgiving compared to many other classes. Refresh a buff every 30 seconds and then press buttons when they light up. Even using a wrong priority doesn't lower our DPS by that much if you at least press something every CGD.

    But before 5.3 ret DPS was absolutely terribad (because of bad tuning) and many good paladins probably rerolled or quit because of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McCronCronz View Post
    Nothing better then a ridiculous warlock in your group.
    /does the ridiculous warlock dance
    /my demon is emoting, while my dps is showboating, my soaking is super, I'm a warlock super trooper!
    /alright meow.
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    I've seen it all, but at the moment, a great warlock is a truly insanely powerful asset to a raid.

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    Healers mostly. On Progress, or the first week of farm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamesmarcus View Post
    Healers mostly.

    Playing a healer in a high ranked guild means dps get gear over you and you're expected to do most of progress with minimal upgrades, not many people appreciate what it's like.

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    Anyone who realizes the importance of the raid as a whole over being #1 on the meters. Most people in my guild have either changed a spec for a specific fight on progression or stepped up to a role if someone went MIA for a day. As well as people who are quick with b-rezzes. As far as classes go I would say a skilled warlock is hard to come by. Sure any FotM re-roller can pull decent numbers, but most people can't reach full potential, as shown by a warlock in my raid that is regularly bottom 1-2 dps even on ra-den with 3 melee swapping to every orb and running out for Vita.

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    bias since I am a resto shaman...but a good 10 man resto shaman, I hardly see them anymore

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    Balance Druid in PvE & PvP and Hunter in 2600+ PvP
    Its really hard to do high dps as Balance Druid on heavy movement fights (Tortos for example) or overall PvP.
    I'd love to play Balance Druid in our raid, but I always drop alot when I need start to move D:
    So /hats up

    As Hunter you have more keybinds in PvP as a Druid ~.~
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    Every skilled pvp player, hats off. I dont pvp at all but I had to do bg's for legendary quest and I was impressed by some of the pvp players skills. I would describe myself as a decent player in raids, but my performance in pvp is not even worth mentioning (I was pathetic).
    In pve that would be ferals.

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    Having played every class/spec combo (with the exception of any of the mage specs), I'd have to say feral. There are specs that press buttons on cooldowns, specs that keep buffs up, specs that watch for procs, specs that keep a rotation, but feral is the only spec I'd say felt like dancing more than dpsing.

    A good feral makes other ferals look like they aren't even playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sasslefrassed View Post
    We have a Combat rogue officer that pulls insane numbers and ranks on every fight. It's rather frustrating. :<
    Because noone plays Combat.

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