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    Hunter pre-point blank shot

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    Can't believe no one mentioned DK's yet. We're so underpowered that if someone actually tops the meters he gets complemented. More to unholy since honestly unholy is hard to master and unlike frost 3 button spam-win style.

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    healing priests probably, good lifegrips or hp swaps.

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    These days it's more about gear than actual skill. Set bonuses, trinket combinations and HC TF weapons can make a massive difference these days. Back in Wrath you could still compete if you were a few item levels lower but made up for it in skill.
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    I've always been super impressed by vanguards ret plays in arena.

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    The really good pvp rogues are always my favorite to watch. I'm bias because I'm a rogue, but I pve. Otherwise, really anyone who can take one of the "bad" class/specs for that particular patch and outperform everyone else usually earns a solid golf clap from me.

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    Uninstalled recount since early 4.2 so nothing really impresses me except some sick combos in 2vs2 that stunlock and blow me away.

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    skilled locks.
    I know the class well and I'm at least above average and once in a while a guy comes along that just blows me away. I remember a lock back in TBC in full T4/kara gear doing 1600 dps that just blew my mind. I was doing 2k to 2.2k in BT/Hyjal gear and was one of the best on the server at the time and I know that guy would have kicked my ass if he had gear anywhere close to what I had.

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    I'm not so much impressed by anything, but then again I don't pay that close of attention anymore.
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    I would have to say a skilled fury warrior, because I have played every class and this is the one rotation I cannot seem to master. Yes, there is a cheese way of playing fury, but it won't maximize your dps.

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    PvE wise I've always respected good prot warriors tanking something like heroic spine
    PvP wise, a expertly played sub rogue is truly something to behold.

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    Seeing a good rogue control the shit out of another team is always nice.

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    Boomkins for me since the solar/lunar change.

    I've read up on it, I've watched vids, ive played around with them, and I can't even do normal DPS as other classes of comparable ilvl (as my offspec to resto) another guy in our raid went Boomkin for raiding and ended up switching back because he had the same problem.

    Just seems like a really finicky weird spec, so I have respect for those that play it well.

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    Vanguards on not one, but TWO ret paladins (not that two of the same class is actually more impressive, if he knows how to play it) at the start of Cataclysm attaining world #1 and two rank #1's, iirc.

    He's doing it on enhancement shaman now? I think he may have been playing it before 5.3? I haven't paid attention since I don't play anymore, but he's obviously up there with Reckful and Hydra type R1 players.

    [Oh, right. PvE-wise I haven't really cared since, like, Wrath feral druids and "John fucking Madden." I also knew how to play a feral druid better than casters, since I hate casters... So I salute you, dress-wearing, thirsty brigands. (I guess that's just preference jokes)]
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    Well played hunters always massively impress me, I absolutely love them and they're a joy to group with.

    Best player I ever played with was a (fire) mage, he was superb. Played flawlessly, and always massively outdamaged other, decent, players with similar gear.

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