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    Hearthstone Gameplay Videos

    Priest vs Mage 23 min long game. some mistake and boom GG.

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    Hearthstone Gameplay Videos

    I finally won a match against the CPU!

    So how did i do in the video?
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    that priest should have given away the win a lot faster. was stupid too waste time like that in the end.
    gladly i was able too skip over it.

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    I kinda muddled that, but I turned your posts into a Video sticky for Hearthstone. I don't want the forum cluttered up with everyone's epic wins and losses, better to have 1 sticky thread for everything.

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    I'm guessing anyone can post vids? Here is one of mine. i'll be making more. no comments from me just gameplay.

    update: new video .. closte match hunter vs shaman

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    brb Hearthstone Preview

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    Bellular Gaming Presents : Warlock Deck Gameplay

    Bellular Gaming Presents: Hunter Deck Gameplay

    - - - Updated - - -

    Bellular Gaming Presents: Arena Run

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    Short edited video from various matches, mainly as a preview that turned into a rant on why Hearthstone is so awesome.

    And an overview/gameplay video for The Arena gamemode, the 'draft' mode of Hearthstone.
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    Hearthstone Basics/Beginner's Guide

    Hello there! Figured I'd post this here for those new to Hearthstone and looking to get into it/looking to get into watching it (I know getting keys is a pain )
    Recently put up a video covering all the basic gameplay mechanics from spells to minion abilities to general order of business, with a few advanced tips and tricks here and there.

    Hope it can be of help!

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    Thumbs up Hearthstone Music Video.

    Hey Hearthstoners,

    I've been a great fan of Hearthstone since start, i love card games and Hearthstone is no exception.
    I had some spare time today and decided to make a Hearthstone Music Video because i didn't find ANY atm, well it's understandable.. It's a card game after all. Not much u can do with it to make a music video with it =P

    But i think i have managed to make a 'decent' music video out of the game. (of course my opinion)
    I was wondering if you guys could give me some feedback on the video, what could be better and what you liked about the video. (if it's not to much of a burden)

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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    So it's just music and some gameplay? Nothing special imo.

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    Thanks for the video link~ I think the tutorial typically does a fine job of explaining the basics, but as someone who loves card games from the start - I think that giving tips to beginners (ie, deck building tips vs. 'Oh, you don't have any 6 mana cards, here's a suggestion of one that has 0 synergy with your deck') is probably a great idea. I know that for years when I played Pokemon I didn't even begin to think about deck synergy.

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    Lengthy, lengthy look at a Paladin deck I have been successfully using at the higher leagues, "Divine Buffs" as I so creatively call it.

    33 minutes consisting of four matches and an overview of the deck.


    Few matches with the one and only Leeroy Jenkins.. with ehm.. interesting results.
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    Amazing comeback.

    I only just started playing this week, and I know that I'm terrible at this game... but I was playing arena tonight and this blew my mind;

    Actually one-shot;
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    That was pretty awesome o.O

    What card was that?

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    Lightspawn + 3* Divine Spirit. (it took 5 damage between 2nd and third Divine Spirit).

    Stars aligned.

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    Lightspawn (attack equal to health) and divine spirit (doubles a minion's hp), although got quite lucky there with the silence owls and dwarf to get rid of the double taunt on the last turn pretty much, well played!

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    Got insanely lucky all the way through!

    Just uploaded the full game;

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    Quote Originally Posted by PalawinFC View Post
    Got insanely lucky all the way through!

    Just uploaded the full game;
    We have a special gameplay sticky for videos like this. I moved your thread there.

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