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    Forgive the language at the end there, I was channeling my inner Kripp. He needed those exact two cards to win!

    Ignore the lightning bolt/weapon misplay at the end, the result was only because of Blue's draws and my lack of high roll/spell damage totem.
    Judging hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jester Joe View Post
    Judging hard.
    To be fair, it was literally the first time I've played Jade Claws, lol. I just saw Knife Juggler and thought "this needs removing, now", and performed my action too quick.

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    lol that lightining bolt misplay. Also that succubus play, unnecessary risk taken.
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    Been putting off getting into this, but installed on my Android tablet last night and had a lot of fun. Still CLUELESS, but thought this may be interesting for some feedback. Sad that I got cards here and don't really know if they're any good, but it was so cheap, I thought "what the heck, go for it?"

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    Opening 15 packs, i was lucky!!

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