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    Of course i did. I just wanted to show that there are raid points where hunters tend to overperform.

    In the end, the only way to justify hunter dps buffs would be to remove the mobility aspect of hunters so that they can't "cast" while running. This way they could increase "potential dps" so that skilled hunters perform closer to the top and bad hunters get more punishment for bad playstyle. That's what happens for many casters who just outperform hunters and most melees when they can optimize their movement and casting. E.g. the arcane mage treatment: extremely high dps, but very big problems on movement.

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    Yeah so fire mages should get a nerf to where 99% of mages suck and hunters should be buffed to a point where 99% of hunters are overpowered and the top 1% is balanced.

    They can't balance a game for 1% of all raiders so that 99% perform over the top. They're always trying to balance around different gearsets and different skill levels.

    Hunters underperforming in high end raiding is because hunters are too easy. Low hunters performing a lot worse would leave room to buff highend raiding.
    Linking LFR numbers and saying hunters dont need stuff just from the average in said lfr makes me laugh. Purpose of LFR is for people (with many variables of why they cant do normal raids) to see the story progress and end boss. It is not about skill in any way shape or form.

    Hunters scaling is one of the worst in WoW. And I think that is what most of this is about. We dont scale well so we are good in lower ilvl stuff and suck in upper ilvl stuff. Blizzard wont make these changes ( if they do at all) at the end of MOP. They will hopefully redo our class enough that our scaling is tuned well enough to compete in lower and upper ilvl raids.

    But dont ever compare LFR numbers and point out how well hunters are doing in a mostly tank and spank raid environment. Normal raid logs would be much better for an argument.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rackfu View Post
    I'm not being a smartass, but I think you misinterpreted my entire post.

    Also, I don't think it is just my opinion that hunters are easier to play that many other classes. Just a quick comparison shows we have less to pay attention to (no DoT that has to be manually refreshed on expiration and no secondary resource are the main things) and absolutely no movement penalty greatly favors lower skilled players.

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    It is not that simple.

    There are basically 4 things that determine how a particular player playing a certain class does on an encounter:

    1) Personal Skill level (gamer ability, knowledge of fight, knowledge of class, etc..)
    2) Gear Level
    3) Difficulty of class (some classes require far more awareness than others)
    4) Theoretical Maximum that class can put out at a certain gear level during an encounter

    So even if Blizzard can make every class equal on #4, the other 3 things all factor in.

    Now, let's say you have two equally skilled players at the same gear level playing two different classes that Blizzard has managed to perfectly balance no matter what gear they are at...

    They are still going to vary depending on whether one class is harder to play. And the only way around that is to 100% homogenize classes (which is a bad idea).
    Agree which is why they should stop taking away all the things that allows a good hunter to shine against a hunter of less ability. They constantly take away such things. I'm talking about things like having to weave in shots between autoshots, having to stop moving for a moment for auto shot to fire, having to aspect swap for movement, having to wave shots in between lock and load procs... They just continually strip things from the class and don't really replace them with anything else.

    I'd be happy for a more complex rotation or whatever if it meant that max theoretical dps was also higher. An average hunter can do practically the same dps as a good hunter in a lot of situations.
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