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    Battlefield Premium - Still worth getting?

    Title says it all.. well kinda.

    When battlefield 3 came out, I bought the base game, but i didn't really find it fun at the time since it was my first battlefield game I bought, and I'm more of a CoD Player

    But recently I've found it to be really fun to play when i learned how to play it properly, but as BF4 is almost around the corner, I'm wondering if it's still worth getting ? Considering its only 2 months until bf4.

    What do you guys think? Is it as fun as the trailers make it look?

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    Only if you want to get into closed beta and you dont have to spend your money on anything else

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    I've gotten back into BF3 myself the past couple months and my opinion is, atm, it's probably not worth it. As you said, BF4 is right around the corner and once it's out there really won't be anyone playing BF3 anymore. And as far as I'm aware most of the stuff you get is just new weapons of which there is no lack of choices to begin with, plus a few new maps that no one plays anyways. I would just save the money and use it for BF4 and buy premium for that instead.

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    Since you like CoD, u may purchase the dlc "CLOSE QUARTERS", which is a close combat dlc.But i wouldnt recommend buying premium for bf3. You may do so for BF4 if they make a premium there.

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