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    What was the hardest achievement for you to get?

    As the title says :P
    Mine was : "Glory of the firelands raider" took me some time to get it.
    What's yours?

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    Most achievements are not hard, but time consuming.

    For me: Insane in the Membrane

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shokat View Post
    Most achievements are not hard, but time consuming.

    For me: Insane in the Membrane
    Yup definitely was the hardest for me as well.

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    We had it all along *cough* i solo or duo signed for ab for a long long time to get it back when you needed to win with 10 points only, it took me 630 battels to get it.

    A mask for all occasions took 3 years talking to an inkeeper every 3? hours for 2weeks a year. before it was nerfed alot

    none of them was hard just time consuming.

    Headed South was abit hard so i guess that was the hardest iv done.

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    Hail to the Chef.

    But oh boy, dat "Chef" title. All worth it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shokat View Post
    For me: Insane in the Membrane
    I know this is going to be common response but as previous poster said

    Insane if it was Pre- Nerf. Pre-Cata
    Shen'dralar and DMF specifically

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    Either the Insane or Salty.

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    legendery pet brawler

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    I have pre-nerf Insane, and I'm still missing Conqueror.
    So yeah. Conqueror.
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    *bro fist*
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    I recently duo'd most of the glory of mists dungeon meta on my dk and my friends priest/hunter. A lot of those were tricky to do with just two of us

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    It's over nine thousand

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    Conqueror or A Tribute to Dedicated Insanity. Farming for Conqueror wasn't that hard but it was painful.

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    Insane in the Membrane and Hero of Shattrath.
    9999 problems was a joke compared to them.
    Some mornings it's hardly worth chewing through the restraints.

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    Hardest doesn't mean most time consuming to me. I consider hardest the most difficult to complete due to required skill or adaptablity. I think Herald of the Titans at current content was by far the most challenging.

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    Maybe not the hardest but most 'sweaty' one I got: Undying, when Naxx and OS were the only raids in Wotlk.

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    Master Angler of Azeroth. Been trying for years, and finally got it with a CRZ timezone mismatch in Dalaran in early MoP. Not proud of that, but I am happy it's behind me now.

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    the Insane w/ Shen'dralar required.
    Headed South in blue dungeon gear.
    RF T14 kills, Lei Shen wasn't too hard considering it was 2-3 weeks late.
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    the once i still havent done

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    For me it's anything that requires a long time. I am fine with something I can grind without having to wait. Grinding rep with limited dailies makes me very un-happy. I really like rep in b/c because you could just grind for hours without a problem. I'm guessing others hated that as you don't find it much anymore.

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    The hardest one i actually went for is probably naxxramas meta achievement in a group that's out to get themselves killed and not take stuff so seriously xD

    Time-sink wise i guess all of the 100 battleground wins, but those just 'happen' if you play bgs for years. That's nothing you grind for.
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