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    I found 9999 bones to truly be a lot more of a pain than insane or Hero of Shattrath due to the fact that it's little more than just one-shotting mobs over and over.

    Most annoying, solo-wise, must've been Disruptron (horde, red floor, red lasers) post-levitate fix.
    I'm only missing Show Me Your Moves! for Glory of the Pandaria Raider and fucking hell, is it a brickwall to pug.

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    Mine would have to be [I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am] , same group had be running it for a few weeks and something always went wrong, the stress of leading them was insatiable, however the week we done it, the nerd screams were huge!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Pebbleton View Post

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    Weeks of leveling up an alt, months to gear him up, often being laughed at by others for my efforts. In the end i spent various thousands of gold to get into a sure kill run. Was worth it.
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    Salty on a high-pop (usually hovering around Full or Locked) PvP realm pre-CRZ. Every sunday, you'd see every dirty trick in the book being pulled out, most of which would warrant temp bans at the least, but as the answer times on tickets were usually in the days region, there was no point filing them.

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    Proboaly Battlemaster time-wise I think.

    ...Good question really. I never did many PVE achivements when it was bleeding-content, new and fresh, so maybe if I was abit more hard-core that would have been the case.
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    I always figured that the rank 1 Gladiator title would be the most difficult, anyone here gotten it?
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    Alterac Valley All-Star solo was kind of hard always something going wrong. Most of the time it was defending a tower but it happened that I never got the chance to capture or defend a graveyard, it have probably been achievements that have been harder for me but this is what I can think of right now.

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    Bloodsail Admiral not hard but kind of long, alot of people were bitching at me because I was killing NPCs that caught in my AoE.

    So very bitch people made it very long.

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    Battlemaster - which incidentally includes a lot of the battleground-related achievements mentioned already in this thread. I did it pre-nerf of "We had it all along *cough*".

    It's also the one I'm most proud of - not because it's flashy or draws a lot of 'Damn, ur awesum!'-remarks and admiration - but because I know how grueling it was and how satisfying it was for me to get it. Most of the achievements was done solo and even though I did inspire some to join me at some point, they fell off one by one, because they lost hope.

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    For me not really the hardest but for me a achieve which took a very long time. Fiery warhorse rein's rather happy with it, took me a lot of kills.

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    Convincing my guild to kill Malygos to finish our Champion of the Frozen Wastes titles. Such a fun god damn fight.

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    Getting my realm first lvl 80 human and rogue achievements were pretty difficult due to the high level of focus being maintained for as long as it had to be.

    Also, getting rank 10 in the brawlers guild with LFR gear is proving to be difficult. Nibbleh can bite me.

    Out of sheer personal effort or difficulty, those are probably tops for me. I also don't raid hardcore anymore but wotlk achievements weren't that crazy hard out of sheer personal effort.

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    Brawler's Guild is actually a challenge in appropriate gear, I got R10 as a warrior in ~525-530 ilevel, I think it was server first warrior. (according to Guild Ox)

    Masters of battlegrounds is also hard for me, it's just so boring grinding the same instance 120-150 times, PvP is just so boring, classes never change except maybe small abilities, it's been the same way for almost 10 years.
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    Insane with Shendralar requirement. Fuck those guys. Salty is pretty hard when you live on a highly populated server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanguinezor View Post
    I know this is going to be common response but as previous poster said

    Insane if it was Pre- Nerf. Pre-Cata
    Shen'dralar and DMF specifically
    Going to agree strongly here. Prior to the nerf this was a really time consuming achievement that required patience, time and being able to play the AH reasonably well.

    Since Cataclysm, and especially since the introduction of DMF, it has become leaps and bounds easier. This isn't bad in and of itself, but we still haven't been promised the supposed new rep grind that would replace it as being absolutely hard as nails to get.

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    Not gonna be unique, so i guess Insane in the Membrane in WotLK, pre nerf, pre DMF island.
    Hero of Shattrath was rather easy.

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    Dreadsteed quest in classic WoW

    Huge pain in the ass but worth it

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    The rare killing achievements, Bloody rare, Frostbitten and Glorious!, with Glorious! being the easiest one.
    Not hard skillwise, but boring and time consuming on a high pop server. I still have nightmares about Vyragosa.
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    Not hard skillwise, but boring and time consuming on a high pop server. I still have nightmares about Vyragosa.
    Oh God, this! I actually got it when Blizz merged achievements, 'cause an alt had killed Vyragosa years before

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