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    Making multiple profiles with Reflux

    Hey folks,

    I haven't made a UI in a while and wish to make a complete new one, But I will be using Reflux to manage my profiles easily throughout my characters.

    My question is, Is it possible with(or without) Reflux to make multiple profiles through characters? (I am vaguely thinking yes, w/o Reflux) But haven't had the chance to get around to it. (Currently not subbed to wow at the moment).

    For example;
    Character A, Has a specific setting for his Shadowed Unit Frames saved in reflux (Or any part of the UI for that matter).
    Character B, Has a different setting for his Shadowed Unit Frames but wouldn't like to keep resetting/adjusting each time you change over.

    (Like I said I am sure you can do this by default, But when it comes to Reflux profile saving can you seperate them)

    Appreciate any help you can give.
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    You don't need Reflux to set up your UI differently on each character. I think that's what you're asking anyway.

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    Yes I am aware of it, Going through manual profiles through addons but I am wondering from a Reflux view point, Can I have Reflux save multiple UI profiles together.

    (Apologies for the vagueness, My head is fizzling out from the heat and it has been a long day).

    - - - Updated - - -

    Scratch that, Just read up. It turns out you CAN make multiple profiles.
    You just need to save the slash command and post it when you relog over.

    /reflux switch MyProfile > Log over > /reflux switch MyAltProfile etc..

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