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    Any attention to low level pvp?

    Currently lower level pvp (up to about level 45-50) seems to be horribly unbalanced. Hard Counters exist between classes, and boas make such a tremendous difference at low levels that there's almost no point in trying until your late 30's. I've been leveling a non-boa warrior playing several bg's in each bracket and so far it's the same story. The boa toons are far superior with roughly 2 or 3 times the damage output and vastly superior survivability. Sure boa's should give an advantage, but this large is rather insane. Don't even get me started on the hard counters that exist between classes. Basically some classes need fewer forms of cc that early, plain and simple. Plus no range requirement on hunters at that level makes them rather broken.


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    They don't pay attention to max level PvP. What makes you think they even try at lower levels?

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    You mean like, Hunters are a hard counter to everyone?

    It's true, low PVP is obscenely broken and has been for ages. I haven't seen anything to indicate that they have serious plans for it though other than that they're aware of it. I think it's way down the priority list sadly.
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    Ah gotcha, yeah low pvp was always the fun thing for me to do while im bored, but now im just forced to play my boa toons. I wish they would give some attention to pvp as a whole. I've heard a lot of people complaining about max level pvp although frankly I don't know much about anything outside level 70 or so

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