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    Yup, I mean that's literally all they have to do with a Glyph too.

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    DK's are a lot like a melee warlock. Wish we had something similar to warlocks' demon form.

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    Thematics are my reason - I play this type of character in any game that has one.

    Sometimes I go for the "next best thing" if you will but for example:

    EQ I played a Shadow Knight
    DAoC I played a Thane (basically a warrior+thunder magic) and a Reaver (1H+Shield drainer type class, sort of like DK but not quite) once they came out.
    FFXI - Dark Knight

    The list goes on of course.

    I just like the aesthetic, the skill set and the DK was one of my favorite heroes in WC3 and I loved the Necro in D2 (RIP Necro :<)

    So yeah. Just my cup of tea - I was a warrior for Vanilla and BC, swapped to DK in Wrath and have never set him aside since then; I never even have alts.

    I'm at the point now though where I'd almost certainly swap if they ever put the Demon Hunter in the game - I've been rolling my DK for four years this November.
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    This might sound a little odd, but a surprisingly large part of why I main a Death Knight is for the extra 20% riding speed from On a Pale Horse.
    Hopefully some of you understand the feeling: once you experience 492% flying speed, you can hardly go back to the measly 451% on any other character.

    Paladins, of course, have the same mounted speed increase, but for many of the same reasons that have been mentioned in this thread I prefer DK greatly over Paladin. The main reason is that 2H Frost's rotation is probably the most engaging DPS rotation I've played with. I know that this is a common source of debate (and this is certainly not the thread to debate it!), but at the very least I think we could all agree that there is far more subtlety to it than simple Obliterate spam!

    Also we have some pretty cool transmogrification options even though we have no sets from Vanilla or The Burning Crusade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volant View Post
    Pretty simple: Why do you love DK / stay loyal to the dark side?
    I enjoy the class mechanics and playstyle, class theme is no factor for me.

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    I like the icy, scourge, death and misery themed class they are.

    I CAN TANK WITH A 2HD WEP!!! woop woop, thats cool!

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    I liked how this Class was different from Others with different Mechanics, like a Ghould that you empower further to become an Abomination, or how instead of Abilities that increase your Movespeed you DeathGrip your Opponents to you etc.
    Now the Classes are more washed up and Every Class can increase their own movespeed which is lame. Also every Class can summon something (except Rogue?)
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    I dont play dk but i used to just because he reminded me of Nasus from LoL xD

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    What are the main difference between dk and retri paladin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cle View Post
    What are the main difference between dk and retri paladin?
    One is Pink, one is Red, these are the only differences.

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    I started playing at the tail end of BC as an alliance warrior. When Wrath released I joined my friend on his server and went horde. I didn't feel like starting a new toon at level 1 so I took the easy way out and made a dk so I could start at 55 and catch up him quicker. It's been my main ever since and I think he always will be lol. I love the variety the class offers, like the ability to solo so much old content. Sometimes it's just nice to log on and go do something by myself when I've become bored with doing the same current content for weeks and months on end. I have alts but my dk will always be my first love.

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    I pretty much hate all the other classes except warrior. Thats why I play dk since 13th november 2008.

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    started playing dk at start of wotlk, still love it!
    especially when you can tank with full dps gear, with flasks and stuff i always manage to out dps ppl in heroics and LFRs.

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    Mainly because I love the character from an RP perspective-- he's my favorite character to play ever.

    Blood's fun mechanically, and my favorite tank class-- if only pugs didn't want me to throw my laptop out the window. I don't love either DPS spec-- unholy clashes with my character's RP so badly that the spec just feels wrong, but frost is a little /too/ simple to play-- it could use a slightly trickier rotation to be more interesting.

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    The lore. Not forgetting the plate armour, the necromantic powers, soloing of instances, Unholy, blood , not so much frost ( i need to try it) and some more that don't come to mind
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    It's fun to actually feel like a.. well.. knight of death. You feel like you can make a difference in a fight by using a small army of minions. You get in there and beat people down and when they try to run you pull them back or slam them with frost filled wind and they go down. You feel like a Soul Reaper. :P

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    D2 I played a Necromancer.

    Closest thing in Classic WoW was a warlock. Then I played a warrior in BC.

    Wrath combined Lock/Warrior (I know not exactly, but close enough). So, I am now a DK.

    If Warlocks are ever made into legit tanks, I will probably go back to it however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cle View Post
    What are the main difference between dk and retri paladin?
    • Healer spec
    • Clunky as fuck due to GCDs [1.5s AND 1s] and no filler spells.
    • Reliant on cooldown stacking and does shit otherwise.
    • Wack-a-mole, with a combo-point system and has one buff to keep up.
    • Lots of support via Hands/off-healing. Including bubbles and whatnot.
    • Pink and wear skirts

    Death Knights:
    • Extremely fluid & fast paced even without filler spells.
    • Runes, Runic Power and Rune-talent choice as resources making it slightly more complex (not hard).
    • Unholy-FesterBlight you have diseases to keep up at maximum power throughout the fight. They drop, so does your DPS.
    • Not reliant on cooldowns, but still have good burst.
    • No real support outside of AMZ, which is only currently good for one-hit-wonders.
    • Red (goes faster, see like I said!) and wears skulls and spikes.

    Note: It might be somewhat bias since I hate Paladins due to them being shit their clunkiness.

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    Awesome AoE, survivability and that mount speed make pve so fun.

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    I love the Lore on them. Ever since Gul'dan raised them in WarCraft 2 and all until now, Ner'zhul, the Lich King is probably my favorite character and Arthas close second. Kel'Thuzad always felt like a true mentor in WarCraft 3 so he grew on me like a character that could lead me in battles. I also love the Necromancy art and I'm the kind of person who likes to go with the one that stands out, is not "normal".

    Beside the lore, I just love the game mechanics, I'm a Plate user with a big weapon, raising minions, like a Necromancer. It's like a perfect class made for me since I love Necromancers and heavy plate wearing Warriors and I'm never sure what to go with in other games, but WarCraft since they made Death Knights <3

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