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    Pretty simple: Why do you love DK / stay loyal to the dark side?
    Because dk is the best class to OMNOMNOM allys
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    Just because Mannoroth and Archimonde are involved doesn't mean it's Legion. They could just be on vacation, demolishing Draenor to build their new summer home.
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    Did you know that salt has sodium and chlorine in it!!!! Sodium explodes when exposed to atmosphere and you clean your toilets with chlorine!!

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    Because I exclusively main melees, everywhere (though my alts are generally always ranged) and it's the most fluid melee in the game, and I enjoy the strengths of the specs.
    Death Knight
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    My 1st class in WoW, all the way until the end of TBC was a Warrior.....then Blood DPS came, and what was the point of Warrior again?

    Add that too their:

    Game style
    The starter zone
    Hero from WC
    Arthas' story being taken to it's end, but relived through your toon
    Raising the dead
    Fancy spell effects (I simply love Soul Reaper's haste around...very Frostmourne!)
    And of course.....GARY!!

    I love them, I have 2 90's and more than a few 70+ If ever change servers, they make for the easiest grind ever (haha I'm level 55 to start, and can fly through TBC in smexy looking T2 equivalent gear)

    Who wouldn't love it!!
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    Just feel right when playing. Even with other alts, you always go back to DK and it feels like you back home after long vacation
    Oh and let's not forget glowing eyes.

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    I do love my DK. But I've been blood the whole time I'm leveling. Just switched to Frost, as I want to main that at 90. People keep saying we're the most fluid melee, but I always seem to have things on CD. I just read that I need to use horn more. But I always seem to not have abilities to use. poop

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    Ever since i lost my legs and hands in a terrible accident, the only class ive been able to play is DK. Thats why i love it and still play it. Because its handicap-friendly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnkie View Post
    Ever since i lost my legs and hands in a terrible accident, the only class ive been able to play is DK. Thats why i love it and still play it. Because its handicap-friendly.

    I got to a point last night where I would asphyx or trap
    and just mash my fist into 123
    and they would die

    (My Bro
    thattttt's basically frost dk.


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    I got bored from my former main (warrior) in WotLK so I rerolled DK and never looked back...

    Okay, okay, I like to twink the warrie for time to time, but the DK is more fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volant View Post
    Was the original term "Come Here"? or "Get Over Here?"
    On a side note; I've always touched and teased my DK. Leveling him to 70 when the cap was 80, then to 80 when the cap was 85, now just hit level 85 with him last night, lmao. I think it's time to finally push to 90. I'm more for PvP and frost just seems so nice these days.
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    I used to play D2 for many years, and I always liked the necromancer, one of the reasons was the whole necromancy & shadow magic thing going on, studying the forbidden arts, using the dead to draw power etc. so the Death Knight (started with warlock in vanilla) was the next best thing, at least thematically.

    Sadly, I find the DK a relatively boring class to actually play, very simplistic, but then again - many people enjoy the class for that very reason alone, and that's fine. I'm still hoping for a day that we'll get some more interesting spells to mix up in our rotations, I'd like to see a nice balance of complexity & fun being achieved, because I just can't see it right now.

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    It's a unique take on a Plate warrior compared to warriors and paladins which I also have played at high levels here. Lot of other games also have a Warrior or Paladin/Guardian type of class but not many have developed a Death Knight. I prefer the DK resource system and got tired of rage mechanics woes and fiddling with mana + holy power wannabe combo points system.

    The DK lore is excellent.
    Plus our name is written in blood red!
    I am the Sword in the Darkness.

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    Two really silyl reasons: to be able to dual wiled and the wc2 sound... after i finished my work, i coma back for you
    and i tought that Karel Gott is all the czech got:

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    never liked casters and ranged. death knights and monks are the only class i really have fun with
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    Because I have become so attached to the lore, attitude, style and even fighting methods that these days, I refuse to play anything else BUT a Death Knight!
    I have never had such a connection to a type of class before From the stories of Arthas in WC3 to the books I picked up to the all ambience DK's and their areas give off.

    I thoroughly enjoy their system, utilising a sort of build up of power to then use in combination with runes. Although these days not so much. Tbh I usually don't play other mmo's unless there is a class which sort of resembles a DK, which is why I am only interested in EQN but I know they have one.
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    Being able to solo a multitude of content is nice.

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    just leveled my 1st dk to 90 this week its fun but pretty faceroll lol, been doing a lot of arenas to gear up somehow gearing up with a few friends got to 1900 so far in arena which i know isn't much but i honestly don't really know to much about I'm kinda just winging it and still doing great damage and compared to my warrior i feel immortal lol

    should be pretty sweet once i really understand what I'm doing on the dk lol

    but the most fun i have is how much dk's can just own most healers lol

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    Because it's hero who possess death and he looks badass. I love death, blood and bone motiv in fantasy. Always play as undead or death knight in every game.

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