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    Quote Originally Posted by snuzzle View Post
    Actually, they said the phrase "actively being worked on" at Blizzcon 2011.

    And from Sept 2012, again we see the phrase "actively worked on" as well as "it's a priority". And then another blue came along and clarified "high priority".

    They also said "still being worked on" in Dec 2012.

    So it's been at LEAST a year if we take the first use of the word "high priority," if not almost two if we take the first use of "actively worked on," that they have been creating new player models as more than a "Oh, hey, if you have time, you might as well" thing.

    And to be at 25%? I cannot fathom how it can be taking that long. That's two races in a year plus. That's one race per six months in the best case. That's sixty months or five freaking years before we'll see all ten races, unless they really get their shit together. Even half that time, even two and a half years, a year and a half from now, is much too long.

    I suspect we will see a LOT of quitting if we don't have a huge update on this at Blizzcon.

    Funny you link that and didn't even read the line after it....

    However, they don't want to put something in the game that feels like a betrayal to a character that you've had for years, so they're proceeding carefully. There's no word yet on when we can expect to see them,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baar View Post
    Funny you link that and didn't even read the line after it....
    Why should I mention that? My post was in no way referring to an ETA, simply correcting you when you wrongly implied they were a side project until two months ago.

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