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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziddy View Post
    Kingslayer took effort? There is a reason it is looked down upon as a "scrub" title.
    To be fair, at least he got it before the buff was in full bloom.
    "If you have to believe it on faith, you have no reason to believe it at all.” Aron Ra

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    In my head, where crazy happens.
    Crusader, Guardian of Cenarius and "Of the Shattered Sun" (I got it back in TBC).

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    1. of the Horde/Alliance
    2. Master Sergeant from Vanilla ^^
    3. Crusader... Long grind in wotlk.

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    i like salty personally, and nightfall when it was relevant.

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    1. Herald of the Titans
    2. Bane of the Fallen King
    3. Savior of Azeroth
    All who believe in telekinesis, raise my hand

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    Champion of the frozen wastes is my top title, because I did it at a time where everyone was asking for achievement to join their raid, so I had to spent countless hours, blood and tears trying to put a nice raid together to kill malygos. It was so rewarding at the end, and it just made me feel so superior to all those douchebag elitists who asked for achievement and gearscore back in the day-

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    Storm's End

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    1. The Beloved
    2. Something else
    3. Something else
    My Warrior
    Arms Proving Grounds Guide
    When you walk among the Black will see.

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    Death's Demise.

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    1. Starcaller
    2. Bane of the Fallen King (this one was... a nitemare. but did get it realm 3rd)
    3. Firelord (got it kinda late, but still a solid achievement for me)

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    I can only think of one really or two.

    "of the Nightfall" because I completed it pre-Ulduar and also got Black Drake then
    "Master of the Ways" because I am thinking of it as the "Ways" from Wheel of Time

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    grand crusader
    insane ( pre nerf )
    the beloved probably

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    1) Seeker of Knowledge
    2) Salty
    3) Zookeeper

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    the Immortal
    the Undying

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    Conqueror (Horde) / Justicar (Alliance)

    of the Horde / of the Alliance

    the Undying.

    I got those PvP titels way back, it was a blast. I don't play anymore though.

    Undying because you can't get it anymore.

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    Well I don't have any fancy raid titles, or maybe some old ones I don't know. I use titles I find fitting or fun anyway.

    So then my most "prestigious" if you could call it that are:

    - The insane and Salty

    Don't like the salty title much though, wish it was "angler" or something instead.
    I prefer titles like professor etc. And I use my good old Champion title on my druid, because to me getting that rank in the old PvP system was a big deal.

    I also got no problem using say "the patient" or "jenkins" on my chars, whatever fits the char and my mood I'll go with.

    Conqueror (Horde) / Justicar (Alliance)
    I have still not gotten my conqueror title after all these years, and I did a hell of a lot of WSG. I fear I will just remain at half way revered or so forever... I just hate wsg.
    And PvP for that matter. :O

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    I only really have one title that I'm super proud of and wear all the time:


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    The Immortal, but for a weird reason.

    While attempting to earn the title we'd had a player die often and blame lag. Nobody believed him, I wasn't sure but gave him the benefit of the doubt.

    I went to the official forums to talk about the value of the feat as it highlighted people who had a good reliable connection that wouldn't hicup for a few hours at least. A blue commented on my thread making it pretty visible and one day someone came to our realm forums to harass me for making excuses about why our guild was too bad to get the title. On that same day, our person with the lag excuse changed providers. Also on that day we got the title which gave me decent footing from which to sass the harasser.

    I never bothered with hunting down other titles.

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    1. The Immortal
    2. The Undying
    3. Champion of the Frozen Wastes

    All done when current, and all 3 fit my DK's b.e.a.utifully

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