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    1. Vanilla High Warlord title.

    Nothing else mattered. I never wore anything else. There is no point. Anyone who saw that title immediately suspected that I was a good player. I'd regularly get comments about it. When I would meet another High Warlord, we'd both salute each other. It was like a club!

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    In chronological order:

    Hand of A'dal, the Immortal, Storm's End.

    Cataclysm kind of gets shafted, I guess, but DS titles/mounts were kind of boring the week after I got them and I can't see "Dragonslayer" without thinking of Coach from Survivor. I really should finish up my 100k HKs achievement. I know it doesn't impress any real PvPers but I've been 7k away for like a year now and "of the Horde" is a pretty solid title.

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    Hand of Adal
    Light of Dawn

    All title gained while the tier was current.

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    The only one I've really gained that's worth mentioning while tier was current was Savior of Azeroth. Granted DS has been nerfed to hell and we managed to down Deathwing about a fortnight before MoP went live. But hell. It was still current content!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziddy View Post
    Kingslayer took effort? There is a reason it is looked down upon as a "scrub" title.
    I misstated the reasoning. I got mixed up with HcLK. The 30% buff made the instance incredibly easy on normal, but that didn't make the achievement pre-buff or pre-full buff meaningless. Besides, ICC was pretty good content. That said, next time just don't post and hijack the theme of the thread. Its based on personal experience, not what someone else interjects as being valid or not.

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    Firelord - got it just after 4.3 came out, was still hard.
    Light of Dawn - Just after Cata came out, but was still hard because we effectively 5 manned it because Shadow Traps are apparently hard (still hard, going by the weekly ICC I do).
    the Relic Hunter - Got it not long after release, while everyone was still trying to get them. Very hard, barely slept that week trying to get all of them hahah.

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    Thanks for participating everyone, i enjoyed reading the replies thus far. It also reminded me a few more I need to work on lol.

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    the Beloved
    Herald of the Titans
    the Insane
    (Salty) worthy contender to the other three.

    Took lots of work and endless grinding, but was a relief when I finished them.
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    Light of Dawn/Bane of the Fallen King
    Storm's End
    the Fearless


    all of the undying titles, but that would be more than 3 lol.

    Edit: oh and Herald of the Titans pre-4.0. soo many titles to choose from!

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    My top tree are the following.

    1.Arena Master - well explains itself.

    2. Hand of A´dal - Gotten before attunement was removed + lots of great memorys from raiding in tbc ^^

    3. Commander(Feat of str version) - Them old school BG grinds in the days were playing in a team was as much about fun as it was about winning unlike today.
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    I do have Salty, and I got that long before the Northrend fishing came out (so it was one a week, one per server, I was about the 30th to get it, maybe less, and it was first time I bothered too)

    For those that are saying one title then *trying to remember what others are*, why did you bother replying to this thread? Why not just go in-game, look up the titles, then respond instead of making yourself look a bit silly?

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    Exalted (Back early inn WOTLK when it wasen't piss easy)

    And for the 3rd I'm not sure. Maybe classic pvp title, or some random PVE title. Never really did progressive raiding where I killed the bosses when it truely mattered - Well sort off did inn vanilla since I hit 60, but titles from back then I do have Savior title from my last guild, but since it was gained under a trial I failed, and I only joined for the kill raid, I can hardly feel proud about it, regardless off top 100 world 25.
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    Light of Dawn back when I got it - havn't worn it for a while due to the title not really meaning anything these days
    Grand Crusader - Realm first title innit
    Herald of the Titans - I must have carried that gear around with me for so long until I was finally able to find a group to do it back during t9, and it was moderately challenging then.

    tbh though I usually just display Grand Crusader on my main and whatever the most recent end tier title is on my alts.
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    Seeker of Knowledge
    Hand of A'dal

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    1: Storm's End.
    2: the Fearless.
    3: Starcaller. I worked hard to get it before Cata considering I was a clicker and keyboard turner back then.
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    Death Demise
    Grand Crusader
    Celestial Defender

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    Hand of A'dal
    The Undying
    Scarab Lord

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    I never wear titles. Most of my char names are short 2-4 letter names that I like and most raiding titles are very long crapolas, so I don't want to clutter my name with them.

    The only title I actually use is guardian of cenarius on my druid, because duh

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    That's a hard one... I haven't raided since Cata came out, which makes me sad, because I've missed a lot of great titles, but I would have to say, in no particular order, the three I'm most proud of are:
    Death's Demise
    Celestial Defender
    Light of Dawn (Server first, and only guild to do it at level)

    I miss raiding hardcore

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