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    Light of Dawn
    Of the Alliance
    People don't forgive, they forget. - Rust Cohle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziddy View Post
    Kingslayer took effort? There is a reason it is looked down upon as a "scrub" title.
    Yeah, after the 30% buff.

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    "The Bloodthirsty" (250,000 honorable kills)
    "The Exalted" (used to be 25 reputations raised to exalted; not sure what it is now)
    "Professor" (that's... so... much... digging)

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    Jenkins, Kingslayer and The Patient. I'm that good.

    IDK, I've always been a mostly casual player. I went from doing 40-man raids in Vanilla to 10mans in TBC onwards. I was among the first on my server to get "Bane of the Fallen king" though, but by the time the buff reached 30% that title was already meaningless.

    I also got Legionnaire through the old PvP ranking system. I was less than a week away from Centurion and was planing on getting rank 10 or 11, but I received an ultimatum from my guild and had to stop PvPing to raid with them or they'd kick me. I thought about leaving the guild but the thought of joining a new guild and having to raid a long time before being able to loot anything made decide against it.

    Has anyone else here done a 9 lock + 1 holy priest WSG premade? Good times.

    The third would be Grunt on my level 20 Orc warrior.
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    1 - hand of a'dal
    2 - shado-master (my current main chars title - i think its kinda cool)
    3 - ?? -> there are so many other titles it took a lot of time/effort/both to earn (especially some of the hc raid ones while current), dunno what would squeeze into 3rd place
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    Quote Originally Posted by Underskilled View Post
    Just wait for Tirion Fordring to come back from ICC singing "I got 99 problems but a Lich ain't one".

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    1. Vanilla Knight-Captain
    2. Hand of A'dal (sooo much time was spent on this attunement)
    3. i quess Knight-Lieutenant on my paladin (non vanilla)

    Honorable mention: Duelist back in TBC when i was half clicker with my hunter haha and of the alliance/horde

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    1. Champion of Ulduar
    2. Zookeeper (one pet away (snowy owl), so I'm listing it anyways)
    3. Professor; I had it pre-archaeology fragment increase

    I was close to Immortal, but some idiot died on Thaddius.

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    1. Hand of A'dal
    2. Champion of the Naaru
    3. Crusader

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    1. Zookeeper
    2. Dragonslayer
    3. Firelord
    Bacon is the thing pigs give you when you're good.

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    the shado-master
    the Undaunted

    and in 5.4? Darkmaster.
    Quote Originally Posted by Winstonwolfe View Post
    In other words, he's worried about how sharp your bayonet is when you are firing RPG's.

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    Exalted, Kingslayer, and Argent Champion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodias View Post
    Sadly, with those actors... the "XXX Adaptation" should really be called 50 shades of watch a different porno.
    Muh main

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    1. Hand of A'dal.

    2. Champion of the Naaru.

    3. Sergeant Major. Highest PvP rank I got in Classic. I think I was really close to the next title up, but I never made it.

    I'm not as proud of Kingslayer because I didn't get that one until the buffs started happening in ICC. Plus, fucking everyone on my server was running around with it in Wrath to the point where I was sick of seeing it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by muto View Post
    3. Professor; I had it pre-archaeology fragment increase

    Vash'jir digsites, rofl. Good times...not really.

    My top 3 would probably have to be

    Bloodthirsty will be (in 21k more kills)
    In no particular order...
    Because I did them completely alone (randoms, no premades or help)

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    Conqueror of Naxx
    Magic Seeker
    Obsidian Slayer

    All 3 original realm first titles

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    1) Crusader (Because I actually did it twice for my paladin, since faction change erased progress)
    2) Savior of Azeroth (Even if it was during the nerfs, I had a lot of fun with the raid group I was in)
    3) Had something else, but everyone else saying Professor reminded me of how terrible Archaeology used to be...even if I was crazy and focused on that more than leveling in Cata at first.

    I was gonna say the Camel-Hoarder, but it's earned I guess, not favorite, and that's just sorta dumb luck to get to a degree.

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    Insane in the Membrabe (when it was still more difficult to get)
    the Exalted (pre cata, I was exalted with everyone it was possible to be exalted with)
    Loremaster (pre nerf)
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    Quote Originally Posted by DEATHETERNAL View Post
    the Exalted (pre cata, I was exalted with everyone it was possible to be exalted with)
    Even Bloodsail Buccaneers? :P

    1. the Beloved (@ 70 reps)
    2. the Insane (pre-nerf)
    2. Loremaster (pre-nerf)

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    Firelord - prenerf
    Loremaster - on both alliance and horde.
    I can't think of a 3rd and I have alot lol. Light of Dawn I guess. Killing lich king after everything from wc3 was a good feeling.
    Angels and Airwaves
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    Savior of Azeroth

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