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    So what you are saying you took parses from two weeks worth of fighting that was a month ago, when most the good players already cleared the raids ages ago? So what the parses are showing is basicly what rank "alt" hunters have? I wouldn't trust this unless it was since ToT released up to now.
    It work for other ways as well so your logic is flawed. alt hunters are not the only ones running TOT heroic atm. i have 5 alts do TOT on all of them.

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    Its funny...

    When you post numbers from the beginning of the tier you get the crybabies that say its too early and not enough parses so the numbers mean 0
    When you post numbers in the middle you get the crybabies that say wait till more people are in heroic gear cause scaling has a huge effect so the numbers mean 0
    When you post numbers at the end you get the crybabies that say no good hunters are raiding anymore so the numbers mean 0.

    So when are numbers relevant? I guess we just shouldn't look at them so that the crybabies and the negative Nancy's can have their way? I swear its like Slant from the official forums has 5 different names to post under here... no matter what numbers are posted and when, you asshats have some damn excuse to why they do not matter.
    I will clue you in, the numbers on WoL and raidbots are the numbers that get you into a guild. Guilds sure as hell dont ask on the application for you to link Blizzards secret undercover mystery logs now do they?
    You can try and spin it and twist it however you want and use 100 different reasons why numbers aren't actually real or they mean nothing but you best start paying attention and realizing this is all we have cause that's what raid leaders and guild leaders look at on apps.

    Its not the only thing they look at but if your doing 60%-70% of the damage you are supposed to be doing on Epeen.bots, no matter how nice you are or how you explain that hunters are just not good on multi dot fights or whatever... your not getting in.

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