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    Bloodsail Admiral Omertocracy's Avatar
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    I'm pissed the game forced me to go Alliance. I wanted to stay Ebon Blade.

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    The only good way to properly see both sides of the story is to have two mains, one for each faction. I lean slightly Alliance though but would really wish for a truly neutral faction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa View Post
    The only good way to properly see both sides of the story is to have two mains, one for each faction. I lean slightly Alliance though but would really wish for a truly neutral faction.
    A playable neutral faction would sap out all my bloodlust for the Horde. and that'd be a good thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Blade View Post
    A playable neutral faction would sap out all my bloodlust for the Horde. and that'd be a good thing.
    yeah there's something to be said for not further encouraging community warfare between players of different factions when some are willing to go into a thread with opening comments meant mostly to curse the other side out.

    on topic, no I don't feel like I chose the wrong faction, I enjoy horde and while I like occasional bits of alliance storyline I do agree with a fair number of its players that it's made worse (as is the horde's story) when the two factions are focused on fighting each other. actual GOOD reasons for going to war with each other are rarely if ever used and terrible writing is implemented as an excuse to extend the faction war, then the playerbase gets angry about it and neither side will admit the other has any reason to be annoyed and....well then we get what we have on every forum that has both horde and alliance players, a yelling match. this point it's almost guaranteed that "war in warcraft" is garrosh getting on his incompetent podium to declare yet another group his enemy for the crime of breathing his air, alliance saying this is horde favoritism, and the more....special....yes.. let's go with special... horde players seeing garrosh as a god because he lets them attack the alliance players who keep saying that out being led by a moron is horde favoritism.

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    I did not pledge any allegiances. I play both sides. Why should i miss half the game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cenkiss View Post
    I did not pledge any allegiances. I play both sides. Why should i miss half the game?
    Exactly. First time I started an ally toon I liked, I realized what I was missing out on. Now I get to see both.

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    Scarab Lord NatePsychotic's Avatar
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    Queensland, Australia
    I feel allegiance to Horde is all good and well ever since Vanilla, but if the Warchief was to stop being Orc? That's when I'll start thinking about rolling Alliance.

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    Pit Lord Skeletroll's Avatar
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    This Toilet Earth
    I too started as Alliance, rolled horde in TBC because friends (fuck friends! never again) and end of cata, transfered all my million alts to different server and faction. That cost a lot but i have no regrets. I have said this one many times before but: when i logged in after transfer and heard SW music, i really felt like coming home after all those years.
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    I am Murloc! Scummer's Avatar
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    I did when I started as i was initially Horde. Then I rerolled Alliance.

    I do ofcourse play play both factions, but you ofcourse kinda have to main one of them if you want to actively raid without having your schedule consumed by raid knights with two factions.
    Atm I'm kinda so so on my "allegiance" atm. I still prefer the Alliance, but to be blunt Blizzards story telling atm has just been way out better on the Horde since Cata so I've been finding myself playing my Horde toons more often than my Alliance ones. So it's not that me allegiance changed, I just wanted to play where the current story was better. Hopefully next expansion will be better.
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    The Lightbringer Duridi's Avatar
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    I picked Alliance because that's what my boyfriend chose a year before me, and I never regret. Feeling horde usually feel akward. I had a period where I played a horde character which I got to level 73(during WotLK), but because of how I imagined my character, it felt right. It was a PvP focused undead warlock on a PvP server. I normally play Alliance PvE. During that period I just wanted to be left alone, and felt a bit reckless and "I don't give a shit". That's how I imagined my undead warlock to be too. I don't RP, but I do feel my characters have some kind of personality anyways.

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    Herald of the Titans Lemons's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    I've never wanted to go horde, but the Alliance storyline makes me facepalm constantly. I wish Blizzard gave us half the attention and care they give to the Horde in that department.

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    Bloodsail Admiral Ashix's Avatar
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    Mar 2013
    I've played both factions. Only Alliance to play with friends but as myself I'm always drawn to the Horde side.

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    I feel i nailed my colours to the right faction for me

    I never wanted to play the good guy but i knew the horde wasnt gonna bad per say instead it would be a very very dark shade of grey which suits me.

    Ive enjoyed the horde storyline way more than the alliance storyline which i have done cause i have a lvl90 worgen alt.

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    The Undying Wildtree's Avatar
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    I pay for 100% of the game, I play 100% of the game... That simple...
    "The pen is mightier than the sword.. and considerably easier to write with."

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    Stood in the Fire Loafy's Avatar
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    I've always just found the horde more interesting, so i believe i choose the right faction.

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    For the shoulder pads!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nobleshield View Post
    I faction change all the time, so pretty much. I pray for the day when Blizzard gets rid of the stupid Red vs. Blue concept so I can play with my friends on both sides
    You can stop praying because it's never going to happen. It's the core of their franchise. Don't fix something that isn't broken.

    Changing their core philosophy like that would be like playing Legend of Zelda without Link. Or Grand Theft Auto without being able to steal cars. Or Assassin's Creed without assassinations. Fallout not set in a post-apocalyptic world. You get the idea yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksej89 View Post
    mindless raging horde
    "Anyone I don't agree with is mindless"

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    Titan Snowraven's Avatar
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    No. Night elves, wherever they are, I join them.

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    Started Alliance, got hacked, switched to horde and never looked back. My only sadness is the 12Kish kills I had on that jabroni alliance priest I played.

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    I started out as Alliance, then switched to Horde for a year or so, and I did regret it. Returned to Alliance for 5 more years, until I quit, and never looked back.
    Quote Originally Posted by Maxos View Post
    When you play the game of MMOs, you win or you go f2p.

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