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    I literally tried to break this down by segments....

    It was so bad by the time I hit zones I gave up.

    Anyone who thinks this is real has no idea what quality content is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talen View Post
    Plausible? That "Heart of Neptulon" story was in a "leak" last year. The Forsaken were interested in it then as well.
    Not to mention Jainas brother makes an appearance. This would be the other brother, the one that Blizzard didn't make non-canoncial earlier

    And i fail to see how Blizzard can make islands feel connected with a set of tunnels. They had an entire continent to work with in Cata and they still felt disjointed.

    Uh.... they did. Tandred was specifically stated to be never Canon. The other one was never part of the kul'tiras storyline.
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    This isn't a leak. It's a consolidation of ideas from the TBD speculation threads, I don't think there's anything in there I've not seen suggested already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talen View Post
    Not to mention Jainas brother makes an appearance. This would be the other brother, the one that Blizzard didn't make non-canoncial earlier
    well... hum... let's just say that... Jaina's canonical brother is.... kinda dead.
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    Tomb of Sargeras as a dungeon? lol?

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    I think this will at least have some truth to it. It seems like the direction that Blizzard is going in in terms of the theme of the next expansion, and the whole thing seems very reminiscent of the big Cata leak that happened.

    At the very least, I think things like Kul'Tiras being a zone, the Tomb of Sargeras finally being used, and the main boss being Azshara are going to hold true. Stuff like a lack of a new race, revisiting Azjol-Nerub, that's the stuff I'm not totally sold on. Then again, if the title "The Dark Below" is real, then that could make some sense. Also, we know now that Defense of the Alehouse is very unlikely at this point.

    Also I think Lor'themar Theron being the new Warchief makes sense, as the only other realistic candidate is Vol'jin and he has made no indication that he wants to be the head honcho. Lor'themar on the other hand has been getting his s*** together and making his presence known in the Horde.

    Level 100 seems plausible too, we have the heirloom weapons from Garrosh, and while that could just as easily be a tooltip error, I think a lot of players have wanted a 10 level expansion for a while, and feel that 5 levels seems too small, even if it is just an arbitrary number.

    All in all, this "leak" ties up a lot of loose ends in the lore that have been quiet for a while. Some of it is definitely fake, but I wouldn't be surprised to see that they got some of it right. We have no reason to suspect that we're heading into the Emerald Dream any time soon, or starting to rally against Sargeras in some way. So unless Blizz really pulls something out of their a** at Blizzcon, we can at least expect some kind of South Seas island/possibly underground expansion.

    EDIT: It probably isn't a legitimate Blizzard leak though, just a few educated guesses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuniorBinda View Post
    'As usual I post, you call bullshit, its all confirmed at blizzcon. So buckle up.'

    How can this be confirmed at Blizzcon if the event takes place in november?

    And the grammar is pretty fucking horrible.

    Confirmed at Blizzcon means it's going to be confirmed at Blizzcon, not that it has been already. What's the point of grammar without reading comprehension?

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    Trusting source on 4chan. Totally Legit...

    Fucking spare me please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babo7000 View Post
    A great deal of it sounds feasible and interesting. However, things like Path of the Titans and the Fourth Spec essentially confirm it is a fan made concept someone's attempting to pass of as real. Still, not to bad in terms of content.
    He said "No 4th spec".....

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    Sounds really awesome to be honest, but I was really hoping for 10 more lvls of Vasjir like lvling

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    At this point I'd suggest continuing this discussion on the 32+ page thread of the same subject.

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    Personally, I don't see Warchief Lor'themar. I see something like what Ironforge has now, of a ruling council. Too much potential for one person to become corrupted, as we've seen with Garrosh, so they'll try to avoid setting someone else up in that position.

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    I hope this is fake because if any of that is true I will quit wow for good this time. I don't want a Cata 2.0.

    i know it said NO 4rth spec, but who wants a 4rth spec anyway, they can't even balance out 3 specs half the time.
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    While I do think it's fake, it's well thought.

    Blood elf Leader IS pretty much becoming Warchief. The amount of character development and the fact that he keeps in line Sylvanas in SoO ("raise our soldiers as undead again and I will kill you where you stand!") speak volumes.

    Two or three fishy things imo:

    Path of the Titans. However, they do regret MoP was very alt-unfriendly, so maybe they'll patch up with this. Titanic experience is by far the most stupid thing I read all day, but admittedly it is only 7 30 am.

    Too many zones. Seriously. There's no way you can make so many full sized zones, so different, with so many different mechanics (underground, underwater, small islands but no flying mounts etc.)

    Zandalari... I thought we were done with them. I thought the first wing of Tot was called LAST stand of the Zandalari for a reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greymalkin View Post
    Zandalari... I thought we were done with them. I thought the first wing of Tot was called LAST stand of the Zandalari for a reason.
    we're not, devs even said more of the bastards will be in our future -.-
    Im tired of killing trolls non-stop without them going extinct, tbh. I expect results from our efforts to cleanse Azeroth of their presence.

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    If all this is announced at Blizzcon I will be very disappointed. But it wont.
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    Too many zones.. but I can believe it's possible with no new race or class. Some of the zone ideas sound really far fetched like Azjol Nerub. We do not know what old god do they pray to, and I wouldn't believe it's N'zoth. About the class/race thing. Good, I am getting sick of all that P: I want more focus on the expansion rather than new races or class. We got two expansions with 3 new races, I can live with one expansion without that, thanks. And classes? Nah. I want something new, but.. they wouldn't pull it off for me, dks and monks are a disappointment. (imho)

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    Isn't this the same guy that posted back during Cata that the next expansion was going to be about the revenge of the legion, going back to Outland, exploring FOUR new worlds including Argus, and getting two new races, Etherials for the Alliance and Coralfin Naga for the Horde? And then instead we got Mists of Pandaria. (which I have loved.)

    I will buy into two things here:

    The Dark Below
    Warchief Lor'themar

    Both of those make sense to me. I think the rest is just really well thought out speculation.

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    not sure if anyone has said this BUT, what if I were to tell you this person has leaked info before and was right about 90% of the time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unclekreepy View Post
    not sure if anyone has said this BUT, what if I were to tell you this person has leaked info before and was right about 90% of the time?
    Then we'd ask you to show some proof. As his Cata and MOP predictions were 90% off. Only the most predictable features were correct, like the monk class which everyone guessed already.

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