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    Quote Originally Posted by Bucky Mclachlan View Post
    The Naga are servants of the Old Gods. They are never going to be a playable race. Deal with it.
    The naga are servants of Azshara and none other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trafalgarlaw View Post
    The naga are servants of Azshara and none other.
    Except those who worship Neptulon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amerissis View Post
    Where else do they drop?
    world bosses

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    I didnt get a chance to read all 50 pages so Im not sure if this was posted.

    I did a search and found this in a forum post from the same guy who posted (4chan)

    Anyway, you see how completely wrong he was in so many ways in his previous predicitions...

    Im not sure if many here go to MMO a lot or not but I saw this pop up there and 4chan. Not saying this is accurate, but personally based on the writing style/type of info it seems very plausible, also seeing as the same guy leaked pretty accurate data about cata before that blizzcon is also credible.

    Hey gang its me again, back like last year to spoil the news from blizzcon. no doubt you will bitch just like when i was 'talking shit, cataclysm would be too much rehash to be an expansion".
    Well i'm back with the new info. so sit back read, rage and deal with it.

    >Mists of Pandaria is the name.
    >However the whole game is not set on the two large islands that compose the foundation of the nation of pandaria.
    >The expansion brings a far eastern fantasy flavour to the game.
    >The collector's edition pet will be a gold celestial dragon whelp mmo champion revealed this week. Its adult form can be seen in the MoP artwork form the visit to Blizzcon mmo champion article flying over Pandaren rice paddies.
    > The Pandaren are introduced as the reliquary and the explorers guild are taking the respite between the horde and alliance- as the earthen ring work to heal a broken azeroth- to map and explore the worlds as yet undiscovered corners.

    end of post 1.

    >They discover the Pandaren nation is in turmoil. Both from K'valdir from the south, Naga from the north and the death of the dragon emperor who has left pandaria with no heir to the throne. There is a civil war between three groups. The brotherhood of the spear. The pandyr and the monks of the thousand stance fist for control of a now leaderless nation.
    >The naga want a high born relic that the Pandaren took from the kaldorei when they departed kalimdor for a new home. Something that has connections to the burning legion and the very entity that forged frostmourne along with 6 other legendary blades. Two of which you know and have seen in game already...
    >The Kvaldir want to destroy the Naga for the destruction of their island homes south of northrend. Their Queen may be an enemy- or ally to those who wish the naga thread be ended.
    >N'zoth not only pulls azshara's strings but is waging a civil war for the world with Sum-Naz'ruur the 4th of the 5 old gods. Revealing that they may wish for the same goals. However they are not working together for such a goal.
    >the ashbringer is NOT one of the seven swords, but it is in fact forged from a naaru with connections to the titan's

    >there are new areas included other than Pandaria.
    >The island Nation of Kul Tiras led by the brother of jaina Proudmoore. it broke off and drifted closer to the maelstrom and now is under seige from Naga and the same malign sorcery that effects the Isle of Tol Barad.
    >A new as of this post uncompleted zone above the western plaguelands adding leveling between tirisfal glades and eversong woods.
    >a return to undermine for the goblins to rescue the trade princes left behind. For a generously discounted fee, of course.
    >The land of Lost souls. A homage to films like king kong and the lost world. a third Titan zone like un'goro crater and scholozar basin. However crates of scourged grain washed up many years ago and these dinosaurs are not exactly what you would call living anymore. Although they still would very much like to eat wandering adventurers.
    >Zul' Kikani is a new zone that appears to entering players as anotehr troll zone. However these trolls took in the 'weakend' children of the vrykul as slaves shortly after the sundering. Those humans learnt the voodoo and shamanic techniques of the trolls and subsequently overthrew them whilst retaining their savage, cannibalistic tendencies and they do not care for strangers...

    bear with me, trying to get it down faster now so forgive some spelling errors.

    >New class is the monk. Will not be called a hero class as this is felt to be a failed experiment and they wish to make this feel more cohesive and welcome to the existing class player base than death knights which have been singled out as a hero class often seen as a 'welfare alt'.
    >tank/healer specialisim in fist weapons and staves and melee combat. Uses cloth till 40 then leather.
    >has chakra a blend of energy and mana in terms of mechanics that can be restored using mana drinks like a caster nut also using specific 'chi strikes' in the manner of a warrior gaining rage.
    >specialty is getting in close to debilitate and debuff enemies whilst using the melee attacks to replenish the chakra. This is being tested in a fashion in 4.3 as a slightly similar focus across all healers will be to have more focus on mana replenishment during fights in MoP.
    >Taught by the monks of the thousand stance fists in a separate starting zone. The tibetan style mountains of the pandaren islet called Xing.
    >RACES AVAILABLE: orc, human, dwarf, night elf, worgen, tauren, ogre, troll.
    >Pandaren teach existing races to be monks, however pandaren themselves are not playable.
    >the starting zone begins with you as a traveller seeking enlightenment. You leave the zone ready to defend peace and kepe balance in the world. Joining the alliance or horde based on your own moral choices. human monks may join the horde, tauren monks may join the alliance.


    >Ogres for the horde. Starting in a new ogre hovel south of durotar on an island.
    >classes: warrior. mage. shaman. hunter. death knight.
    >new areas in zones including blasted lands, zangarmarsh and the now healed wildhammer highlands have turned former hostile ogre settlements into horde quest hubs.
    >The work of Garrosh hellscream has convinced the ogre's of the island tribes that the Horde has once more regained its honour as warriors and warmakers. So the young of the tribe are sent on their 'war pilgrimage' to orgrimmar to pledge their blades to the horde for glory, honour and clubbing in some skinny hoomuns eds.

    >Arra'Koa for the alliance. Starting in 'the roost' a phased versio of skettish that has them heading to shattrath at the end of the starting zone and following ,in their terms, 'the words of the light' to azeroth to find new homes for their people now the malign influence of skettis is gone and these avian humanoids have converted to the church of the holy light.
    >classes: paladin, mage, warlock, hunter, rogue, priest.
    >being from outland there are no death knight arra'koa. A first since the classes inclusion.
    >Their personal story' is one of leaving the roost- literally, to find themselves. With discovery being a theme for the expansion rather than pure end of the world trials again.

    >moral choices are to play a role.
    Many complained about questlines such as much of the new forsaken experience where players had to do things like kill refugees to raise as forsaken to turn on their own families. Players in surprisingly large numbers complained 'MY character wouldnt do these things'. Now they do not have to.

    The beginnings of a questline and the end may be very different for players based on their choices in the quests events. This was tentatively implemented in some cataclysm zones. For example when you capture a harpy in mount hyjal you may either kill her or let her go free. The information gained from these little tester options revealed players enjoyed the choice to make a choice. Not simply picking the 'good' option because it was 'good'.

    This means, aside from the two final zones, phased players may have different experiences in zones.
    Certain points will remain the same for group daily questing. But now more than ever your story is your own. Your friend may choose gold and riches over saving a town in Kul tiras and see only a dead ruin when they fly over. You may choose honour over riches and save the town. Giving you a different source of daily quests- but not more- and making your character seem to have more of an impact on the world as you see it than simply 'x landscape becomes y for everyone as they beat the questline for the zone'.

    ah, excuse me, said i was trying to go faster. Monks are available for ogres. as well. Anyway, continuing on.
    >Archeology is effectively being scrapped. Without path of the titans- which was to be the focus of it- it culminated in nothing more than a grind most players when polled equated to more of a chore than fishing. Blizzard regrets making players feel like the must simply grind on professions with little reward but as starcraft ghost showed. When they know something isn't working out they drop it.
    >It its place there is a new unnamed and still unfinished 'vanity profession inspired by the alpha build 'survival' profession.
    >You may pitch a tent and camp at the end of a game session to gain the rested experience buff instead of going to a very crowded in.
    >You may chop down the new 'oak' nodes to fell trees for lumber. for the construction of some gear like bows, shields and staves with combination with an enchanter, blacksmith or engineer.
    >can create sculptures and leave them around the world- outside of cities and not inside buildings. However players may destroy them if they wish.
    >the ability to learn new hairstyles from dropped recipes from the many new bandits and highwaymen that walk the roads and woods of azeroth. Tattoo recipes you can apply to yourself and anyone else as long as you have the skill level to use it.
    >Ability to learn via cyphers the languages of the other faction one by one. Eg a alliance player with this still unnamed profession (working title rumoured to be 'artistry') can read the many books lying around the world and find enough 'cyphers of lordaeron' to learn gutterspeak. Some languages like troll will require slightly more work for some races than others. Whereas something like gilnean/human common would be easier for a blood elf than a tauren.


    >raiding is nowhere near finished compared to the work done on classes, zones, professions and lore. So i have very little info here.

    >3 raids at the start. One is called "Karazhan: The Inverted Tower", the second is an tol barad/ vault raid with one new boss per content patch situated on the isle of lost souls. The third is story heavy and as such is barely off the drawing board at this point in terms of design.
    >all tier pieces will drop in raids only.
    >there will be vehicle use in the main lore raid.
    >karazhan inverted will be very undead heavy. related to the occulus in some way.
    >you will not gain weapons as pure drops in raids but each class will get a item that has a mini quel'delar style chain to 'unlock its potential'.
    >molten core and caverns of time: naxxramas will be lvl 60 raids for the random raid find
    >brewmaster is NOT being added. blizzard does not wish to glorify alcohol consumption in a game aimed at teens. brewfest has been trouble enough.
    >its still in the works but enchanting is going through a major overhaul, as is alchemy.
    >markets to be added in ironforge and silvermoon. rent a stall for an hour for 1000g to act as a vendor for your profession skills and items.
    >More gear producing recipes to be common mob drops rather than relying on trainers. again. they want you out in the world, not in cities for MoP.
    >the next level of profession advancement will be called inspiring -insert profession name here- and when maxed will give you a profession specific title.
    >more pets and mounts to be added to lower level professions to entice new players to grind them up as many of the players who did get past level ten dropped professions by level 30 as the gold input never had a alluring enough pay off.

    >A new tier of item is being added: artefacts. Red named items of a higher calibre then legendary items. Not just weapons for example but true exceptional items everyone would want to have.
    >eg: for 600,000g the currently alpha tested artefact tier item is the guild airship vehicle.
    >legendaries will be items that start with battered hilt style drops and be synonymous with having found a rare item and gone on an epic questline.
    >greys removed. whites will now be the lowest tier.
    >the state of epics and drop ratios is still undecided.
    Instance design.

    >Instance design.
    >The new instances are being given a rework. In an attempt to make them seem a little more dynamic. -though on a personal note i find it a little cheap.
    >There is a instance added in a new forest between wetlands the the rear of ironforge. You escort a gilnean trade caravan and its stagecoaches through the winding forest. with a stop at a cemetery, a ghost town and finally a collapsed bridge that diverts them into the lair of a giant 'shellob' style spider.
    >There is a train station instance portal added in ironforge. The gnomes are asking you to test their new over land steam train to the eastern kingdom cities. (not sure what this means) naturally all manner of brigands try to jump the train and rob the passengers and like VH the final boss is randomised from a set number of things that wander onto the track.
    >There will be an instance set on a ship to kul tiras that takes the form of a puzzle based challenge NOT combat based- a first for the series. A random passenger dies and this leads to a series of randomised puzzles and questions for your party to answer as you search the ship for the culprits.
    >Brann has been kidnapped by the savage humans of Zul' Kikari's former troll city Tu'wamoi and you must teem up with harrison jones to reach him. however there is no time limit. but using specific class abilities such as rogue stealth, hunter midirection, warrior shouts and monk acrobatics to name a few you must reach brann unseen or he will be killed and the instance is a failure.

    personally ive got tired of tank and spanks so this may be fun.

    CONT. almost done. leaving a lot for blizzcon. Too many complained that in spoiling it all last year you found the game less fun when i spoilt it all for you. ending with some stuff left unsaid this time.
    >anduin has taken arch bishop bendictus' place in the stormwind cathedral. something varian is not happy with.
    >the diamond form of magni bronzebeard has begun to stir. With earthen gathering at ironforge talking in hushed whispers about a "prophecy fulfilled"
    >sylvanas does NOT have the shards of frostmourne. You will never guess who does and what they have done with them.
    >Baine is married and the tauren now have a 'queen'.
    >the earthern ring have settled the orc/nelf ashenvale dispute. Teaching the orcs how to harvest their lumber, whilst not damaging the already wounded forests of kalimdor.
    >the blue child has returned to the sky. With it whispers of a 'new nightmare'. What does this have to do with the return of shando stormrage?
    >with the past altered from the events of dragon soul the bronze flight are attempting to 'fix' paradoxes that they deem have no place in this timestream. How will Malfurion act when he see's his uncorrupted brother Illidan is being hunted to the death by the bronze flight and the children of moruzond?
    >Thrall is overjoyed to learn aggra is pregnant. However there are movements to ensure these children of prophecy are never allowed to be born.

    >of course, Azshara finally makes her appearance. With deathwing gone she is the only remaining old god minion of any true power left. With the forces of azeroth finally seeing a light at the end of a long bloody tunnel the minions of darkness are getting desperate and she is no different. She wants what the dragon emporer kept hidden for millenia and she is willing to spend the lives of every naga on getting it.
    >Not all naga agree.
    >"Seven swords for seven soldiers. The light fights shadow and the riders meet in the dream" - some connection to the seven swords? including frostmourne? the dark riders of karazhan? which is getting another raid? are the swords for them? or a new group of 'rdiers' to oppose them?
    >who forged frostmourne and gave it to the lich king nerzul? what is their connection to the dark riders? and why has bolvars "damned legion" sent envoys to the horde and alliance?
    >the reliquary seem to have a hidden agenda connected to a 'complex' they have begun to uncover west of tirisfal glades. the explorers league thinks this cant be good. however garrosh is focussing on the sylvanas problem right now so lorethemar's own vying for ancient power have gone unnoticed.
    >Velen will make one final prophecy that will shake the wow universe to its foundation.

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    That World's Heart sounds REALLY cool. The engine of the makers in Storm Peaks always intrigued me, I would love to see what the purpose of it is.

    I don't know if I'm cool with not getting any new races or anything, that's always the most exciting part of an expansion. As long as we get new models at some point I'll be good though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aaronk333 View Post
    I didnt get a chance to read all 50 pages so Im not sure if this was posted.

    I did a search and found this in a forum post from the same guy who posted (4chan)

    Anyway, you see how completely wrong he was in so many ways in his previous predicitions...
    Already been raised, different poster.

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    If they do add a new race, I want it to be Black Dragons.

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    Players are sent to explore the newly discovered entrance to the ruins in Remtravel’s Excavation by both Malfurion Stormrage and Warchief Lor’themar to stop the corruption of Kalimdors forests from the roots – and to make sure the other faction doesn’t obtain any possible long lost Highborne relics of power that may remain in the ruins.
    Warchief Lor'themar? Nope. Based on this one fact, I'm going to assume that this is utter BS. Along with some other errors like Nya'lotha vs. Ny'alotha. I just think this is a load of crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jawesh View Post
    Warchief Lor'themar? Nope. Based on this one fact, I'm going to assume that this is utter BS. Along with some other errors like Nya'lotha vs. Ny'alotha. I just think this is a load of crap.
    Two things to think about. If the next content patch is " Skyshatter " maybe Voljin will die and Lor'themar will take his place. If this expansion is naga and highborne related, then having Lor'themar as Warchief will have a deep meaning.

    Second things. The " spoiler " mention things about the forsaken attacking Kul Tiras, and a Battle for Undercity, but it's written nowhere else what is sylvanas up to.

    Which mean, why do the dude would have invented all of those things and kept random things like that unexplained ? It's like he was doing a very summary of something he knew about ( the scenario list and such ) and didn't have all of the answer and all of the plots happening.

    I may think it's the true one, I'm more inclined to view " Warlords of Draenor " as a RPG tactical turn per turn for mobile and tablet.

    Think about it, blizzcon is coming. What do they have to show... ? Only an expansion for WoW? usually they show more, so I'm guessing we'll have a new F2P, ( warlords of Draenor ), WoW expansion ( The Dark Below ) , SC2 protoss expansion preview , some glimpse about the WoW movie, and more in depth information about DIII expansion ?

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    Seems legit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katjezz View Post
    So, the last years a guy on 4chan/v/ posted "leaks" about the next comming expansion.
    Its always soon after the trademark name was released and 90% of what he said was always true, every time proven at the blizzcon later.
    This said guys just posted his "infos" again.
    his guys was right since TBC.
    he was right about the last expansions it COULD be true.
    World of Warcraft: The Dark Below
    Not 100% positively sure yet, but after Warlords of Draenor was announced at Blizzcon, I am beginning to have slight doubts about the next Expansion being the Dark Below. Nice "Leak" indeed.
    Capitalism, Ho!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fincher View Post
    Not 100% positively sure yet, but after Warlords of Draenor was announced at Blizzcon, I am beginning to have slight doubts about the next Expansion being the Dark Below
    next expansion is still the Dark Below, Warlords of Draenor is just a fake red herring they're showing to throw us off the trail of the real expansion

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    The Dark Below is still the next expansion.

    Warlords of Draenor at Blizzcon was just a red herring.

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    At this point I think it's safe to say that this thread has run its course. :P

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