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    Healer returning to game LF progression guild

    Currently 1/13 but had to quit the game over 3 months ago due to real life getting in the way of my raid schedule. Have a 523 holy paladin and a undergeared resto shaman(499ilvl). Looking for guilds that raid 2-3 days a week with serious progression in mind but nothing to hardcore. If you wish to get my battetag or realID just send me a msg on here!

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    Hey Healingstuffs. <Slash Cry> on Illidan is looking for a HPally to round out our 25m raid team. We're 9/13H, and have pushed the first 6/13H in 25s since switching to 25s 2 weeks ago. The only thing missing to solidify our roster is a HPally, really.

    Raids are T/W/Th from 6:30-10:30 CST

    Hit me up and we'll chat in game and in vent.... Blutarski#1205

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    Bottom Line is a semicore raiding guild on Thrall-Horde, that has been raiding together since last week of June 2013. While difficulties in the past forming this team have caused our progression to be less than ideal in the way of starting late, we have made amazing progress in the last two months. With that said, us getting to 11/12 ToT from July to the end of August should give you a idea how well our raid team meshes and works together.

    Our WoW Progress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/...ting.tier15_10

    Our goal is to create a tight-knit raiding team: many of us are from hardcore progression guilds, but prefer a less stressful experience. The idea is to have a consistent team that progresses through content and interacts well with each other. The team will not be on the cutting edge of heroic raid content, but the raid experience will be pleasurable and satisfying.

    We are currently recruiting:
    Tanks: Looking for a strong fill-in tank.
    DPS: Always looking for strong fill-in range and melee dps.
    Healers: We are currently looking for two non shaman healers. (Sorry we have a strong shaman healer)

    We ask that applicants be in at least ilvl 520 gear, so that we can minimize the time necessary to bring our new recruits up to Siege of Orgrimmar. However, we always take exceptional recruits.

    Our raid times are Tues/Wed/Thurs, 8-11 PM EST. Because of the close-knit nature of our group, we ask that potential recruits be able to make these times with extreme consistency. We are attempting to raid without standby members, so absences will seriously impact group performance. We understand that people have real lives in addition to their raid lives, but we'd like to try and keep a single group together rather than rotating people in and out like interchangeable drones.

    We expect our raid members to come prepared, both with the necessary consumables to raid and the research on the fights. We prefer to avoid the high-tension chewing-out of hardcore guilds, but our current team has proven excellent at picking up mechanics quickly, and we'd like to continue that trend.

    If you are interested please contact one of the following in game, or /who Bottom Line @ Thrall/Horde
    Guild Leader: (Icykill) cbizzle#1835
    Guild Officers: (Sayrui) sayrui#1138, (Sivaas) cfd#1979, (Tazdingo) tazdingo#1848

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    Heresiarch is a Horde 10s guild on Drenden recruiting another healer. Currently sitting at 9/13H and raiding 3 nights/week, Tues/Wed/Sun 8-11 PST. Our website is www.heresiarchguild.com feel free to check us out and get a feel for our personality, or look for Wrathblood, Hesher or Millor with any questions.

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    We're a 10M team with a tight-nit, community-oriented environment - but we do have serious progression goals in mind. If you can do late nights, we'd love a Pally healer to round out our core.


    Reckless Abandon is a new 10M Semi-HC raiding guild on US-Kel'Thuzad with a leadership core that has W-500 experience. We are presently finishing off the final spots on our roster and will begin raiding the week of 8/20. The players we have brought in thus far have been trialing in Gold Challenge Dungeons, and have played well there.

    Tues-Thurs 9pm - 1230 am server (8pm - 1130 pm pst) w/ Monday as a cleanup day during progression

    We plan on keeping a tight roster, and will never recruit for the bench. Our goal is to be pushing for heroic clears by our second full tier together. We will keep an enjoyable and laid-back atmosphere, but will bring accountability and ensure everyone is pulling their weight to justify their roster spot.

    If interested, please visit us at http://recklessabandon.guildlaunch.com/. If you have any questions, add an officer at Gruuv#1705 or Measurange#1361.

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    Shots fired is currently recruiting 2 healers. We currently need any healing class except shaman. Our raid times are Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday from 11 PM-2AM server. Currently we're working on finishing ToT and will be pushing into SoO once the patch drops. However the recruitment boss has been difficult to overcome and thus our progression is a bit behind. We are a hardcore group of raiders that love being on the edge of new content while having fun. So if your interested, bullet#1807 is my bnet tag send me a message

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    Guild title: Relentless
    Server: The Scryers
    Level 25 Guild
    Guild Founded: February, 2007

    Current Recruitment Status: OPEN
    LFM Raiders and PvPers!

    Raid Format: 10man
    Raid Schedule: (PST)
    Tuesdays 6-8:15pm
    Thursdays 6-8:15pm

    About Relentless:
    We are a DRAMA-FREE guild! Relentless is a social/semi-casual raiding guild. To our members, Relentless is like a family that enjoys spending time together. We are reaching out to find like-minded players that enjoy raiding, PvPing, transmog old world raids, social activities and other fun game content. We realize the importance of the world outside of the game, and enjoy the escape from real life that WoW provides. We like to schedule in-game events as a group so that even if you choose not to raid with us, you will still have many activities to enjoy as a group.
    Even if you are getting back into MoP late in the game, Relentless would like to help out and experience all the current content with our raiders as well as top tier raids!

    Recruiting requirements:
    17+ years old
    Must be respectful of other players

    For more info: BattleTag: Veranna#1906

    To Apply, visit: Relentless-scryers.com

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    Reborn Heroes, a 10 man raid team in <Opponent II> on Stormrage-Alliance, is looking for either a Balance Druid with a Resto off-spec or a Resto Druid with a Balance off-spec that has a minimum item level of 520 with a good amount of normal ToT or some HToT experience. We could waive that minimum if you're reliable & proficient.

    We are 12/12 in ToT & just began working on heroics. We raid Tues-Thurs 8 PM-11PM (EST).

    If you have any other questions feel free to contact our raid leader Caipanda (Caiaris#1720) or myself Vanira (TKM17#1145). You can also fill out a raider application at opponent-guild.com and please specify that you'd like to join Reborn Heroes.

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    We need healers. Add me to battletag if you're interested.

    SKey Gaming is a 5/13H 10-man guild on US-Madoran. After losing several people to real life and other miscellaneous things, we are rebuilding for patch 5.4. SKey has always been a tight knit raid team, filled with people who like to kill things while having a good time. We are looking for people to fill our roster back out. If you are looking for a place to call home, and a team to focus on progression with, we might be just what you're looking for.

    Our raid schedule is as follows (all times are CST):
    Tues: 7-10 p.m.
    Thurs: 7-10 p.m.
    Sun: 7-10 p.m.
    Emergency Reschedule Day tends to be Mon: 7-10 p.m.
    We are looking for a couple of talented people to round out our roster. While we welcome any exceptional DPS to apply, our specific needs at this time are:

    A Prot Warrior
    A Prot Paladin
    A Blood DK
    We are also looking for:
    A DPS Warrior
    A DPS DK
    A Rogue
    A Shadow Priest
    As well as:
    A Holy Paladin
    A Resto Druid
    A Disc Priest
    A Mistweaver Monk
    The people we need should be able to listen to, and follow directions, accept constructive criticism, and be willing and able to offer suggestions. These players should know their class inside and out, including how to properly gem, enchant, and use professions to min/max as much as possible. They should also come to raid prepared, with flasks, well feds, and knowledge of the fights.
    If you fit these roles, and are interested in joining our raid team, please stop by our site and fill out an application. skg.guildlaunch.com
    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, Spacedonkey, Razmyr, or Maeby.

    You are also welcome to add me on BattleTag: Morgan#1286 or Maeby#1491

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    hey not sure if our guild would interest you or what you're looking for schedule wise but I am looking for someone interested in full clearing heroics on a 2 day schedule without the elitist attitude or the crap that comes with a "hardcore" guild. Sound interesting? read on..

    we raid on Tues and Thurs from 8:45-12:45 Est

    Our goals are simple- To full clear the current content on heroic and to get our titles and mounts while maintaining a fun atmosphere.

    That being said we are a new guild building for 5.4 as our goal. Our core that we are looking to add to is made up of players that have raided hardcore in top 10-100 lvl quality guilds in the past who still want to play and play well but without all the drama, bs and worry about who killed what boss first.. We've also taken the best players from smaller guilds (big fish little pond syndrome) who think they can meet our expectations.

    If that sounds appealing please read our post over, we're looking for people to make a commitment to our concept, to help build it and be a factor in reaching our goals as a team.
    So far since starting 25's about a month ago with a combination of people coming off breaks, and some with fresh 90's along with players who had cleared most of the heroics we're 3/12 HM tot with our roster finally starting to get geared and us also gelling as a team. We're looking to hit our stride in seige I hope you'd be interested in being a part of it!

    Our thread
    Add me on Battlenet - Partyshark#1727

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    Stands in Bad (A) Rexxar is recruiting!

    We are a community-based casual guild that loves to foster an environment where enjoying time with the people around you is the end goal. The purples are just a bonus.

    We are a safe space where any person, regardless of belief, race, sexual orientation, or any other identifier that shouldn't make a difference but often does (sadly) in the gaming world, can feel at home and welcome - free of ridicule or shaming.

    …Wait that isn't true: we will make fun of everyone, but it certainly won't be because how you identify. We know it's only fun if everyone laughs (or groans, depending).

    We are currently reorganizing and restructuring and are looking to bolster our ranks for our raiding roster, or just more people to come socialize and have fun (we do LOVE our green chat). Most of our membership is 25+, with some of us well into “Don’t you DARE ask my age” territory. On any given night, you’re likely to see more women than men online, and we are couples-friendly.

    We finished the last tier at 12/12N. We raid 10-man only and have no plans to do any hard-mode or 25-man raiding We raid 2 nights a week (Wednesday and Thursday 7-10 server (CST)), and are planning on adding a Tuesday Flex night to our schedule (7-9:30 CST)

    Our raids are fun-loving endeavors where you are likely to see multiple people promoted, demoted, and /emoted at in good fun. There is likely to be some fight over loot every raid: "You take it", "No, you need it more", "But it isn't best for me so you will keep it longer…" until the raid leader gets exasperated and says “Just take the item, or I'm going to loot it to someone at random".

    We are currently seeking 1-2 tanks, 2-4 DPS, and 1-2 healers – tanks being of highest need currently - that are interested in raiding on a relaxed schedule but are still willing to put in the effort to help us move forward through content. We firmly believe that you should play the character you enjoy the way you enjoy, however, we certainly don't object when someone says they have a raid ready offspec that they also like. That said, we do require our raiding members to declare a main character and main spec to cut down on rostering headaches.

    We do tend to have a few more raiders than raid slots, so that folks can do the real life thing without benching the whole group. Because of this, we can (and do!) offer part-time raiding. However, if you can’t stand the thought of ever being sat on a raid night, this is probably not the guild for you. We do mix it up, and not everyone gets to raid every week. What we don’t believe in, though, is switching out for silly things like “optimal comp” on a per-fight basis, so when you are slotted, it’s for the entire lockout, so we do ask that our raiders be able to make BOTH nights on the weeks they choose to raid.

    If this is something that sounds appealing please contact us through our guild website (where you can find other spiffy things like our charter and info about an established three-year-old guild): standsinbad (dot) com, send an email to recruitssib (at) gmail (dot) com, add one or more of us to your real ID, or simply contact anyone in Stands in Bad and ask about us.

    We all look forward to getting to know you, Krikket – Krikket#1542 / Lands - Darktyme#1843 / Rhuan - Rhuanious#1184 / Kialesse - Kialesse#1344

    Asherrylie – Asherrylie#1731 (Recruitment Monkey)

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