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    Quote Originally Posted by az2d View Post
    now you even want flying mounts for every level ? great flying from point A to point B. might aswell play a Solo game. Hope they remove flying mounts in the future and dungeon/raid teleport sht.
    I love bursting people's bubbles.

    They're never going to remove those. Get used to them.
    Star Wars: Battlefront II was a $3.1 billion fuck you to EA. Now THAT is something worth a sense of pride and accomplishment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by I make people mad View Post
    why the fuck can't they do the woltk model that was amazing.
    This could be said about the whole game. Maybe their subs wouldn't (relative to WotLK) in the toilet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    I look around..everyone I see in 5 mans and LFR - they are ALL in guilds.
    Heh. I'm not in a guild and never have been. I've done many an LFR and yup, I seem to be the only person not in a guild.

    Heck, a couple of months back there was a wipe in LFR and I ran back. Someone sent me a whisper:

    "Rez plz"
    "I'm a hunter, I can't rez" was my reply
    "Use Mass"
    "I'm not in a guild, don't have that"
    "What use are you then?!"

    Great fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Ah whatever. Remember when they introduced the guild lv? People whining how people not in a guild would be at a disadvantage. Are you in a guild? I look around..everyone I see in 5 mans and LFR - they are ALL in guilds. we are in guilds and you tell me the GAME has become antisocial? You cannot get 4 ppl oof YOUR guild to join you in a 5 man? or 2 others for a heroic scenario? Or the 10 guys you raid with to join you in a LFR?

    If that is so, then I say PEOPLE have CHOSEN to be antisocial - even WITHIN your guild. Don't blame the game. It offers tools that you do not have to use. I find it a convinient cop out.
    You know why I'm in a guild? Guild level perks. You know how many actual players are in said guild? ONE.

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    why are you guys trying to fly so much at the dooker dome? you don't even want to stop to use your ground mount...

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