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    General Discussion » One of the reasons Wushu is the Best PvP the genre has to offer

    Mount Hua is a monthly 1 v 1 tournament, held on the 24th, based of the epic novel Condor Heros, to decide who is the best pvpr on the server. Simple on the surface right, no big deal? Here's how it works.

    There are server ranking for EVERYTING in age of Wushu, from kidnapping, to farming, to internal strength. At the first of the month, the first set of Mount Hua invitations are sent out to those who rank in the top 100 of these categories.

    those who receive invitations, have a choice to make, open the invitation, and except the tickets, or not touch them. If you choose to open, and accept the invitation you are no competing to be one of the top 32 invitation receivers. Let the games begin!

    After you accept, a sword will appear by your overhead name. From this point on until the 24th, players of different alignment (your actions matter in Wushu there are 5 different alignments) who are trying to get into Mount Hua (sword next to their name), can be killed and can kill you to take invitations, one per kill. Over the course of the month every hour the invitation rankings are updated. Come the 24th, the players in the top 32 of the rankings will be officially in the Mount Hua tournament.

    Those who did not open and accept any invitations, can purchase a spectator ticket for the 24th to watch the matches.

    The Tournament
    Players are paired 1 v 31, 2 v 32 and so on. At 8:00 pm, the tourny starts. Spectators are ported to the Mount Hua competition area )think The Mists in GW2). From there, they are able to select which match they want to watch first, for a chance to win skills based on the competitors skill sets. Each match is 2 out of 3 with a 10 minute time limit. If no one has won within 10 minutes of the round, the winner will be decided by damage.

    At the end of the competition, the top 5 receive special outfits and titles based off the Condor Heros novel. Northern Begger, Eastern Heretic, etc... The WIINNER receives "The Heavenly Sword" and it's skills. The sword literally makes the owner 300% stronger and is ABOSOLUTELY devastating. Ten of the strongest players are no match for the sword holder.

    The sword is the most OP thing I've ever seen in a mmorpg, and well deserved by the winner of the month long run up and tournament. There are a lot more details ranging from challenge flags, to 1st person spectator mode, but this should be enough to wet your whistle

    side note- I competed. I won my first round pretty easily, and the congratz pms rolled in. My gf and son had just returned home after being out all day, so naturally I went up for hugs and hellos. By the time I came back down (2 mins. lol) I had forfeited my second round I was the #16 competitor at the start, so my second round match was first!

    Regardless the month long run up and tournament was the best pvp experience I've had in my 8 years of mmorpg gaming, hands down. Imagine if the orcs, the humans, the elves, the trolls, the dwarfs etc, of Azeroth came together once per month to decide who is the strongest, with the winner getting the REAL Frostmourne, and all who wants to watch can come spectate. PURE F'N WIN!

    Let's go western "AAA" devs, DO BETTER!

    The match above. 3rd round, Uzam (Tangmen School in Brown) vs GreatEast (Beggers Sect. White Hair in black) set to "Duel of The Iron Mic by The GZA". Uzam was facing one of, if not the strongest statistical player on the server.

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