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    If you think WoW is getting too casual, try Jade Dynasty

    I was recently persuaded into starting Jade Dynasty, a WoW-like MMO. You don't even have to be at your computer to complete quests or kill mobs, you get a quest, which most are just kill the same mobs over and over, and you can just press v to activate this gem sort of thing and your character just goes around and kills the mobs you need/picks up whatever items you need for the quest. Requires no attention at all, I've been tabbed out browsing the web for the past hour and only come back to get new quests. And people think WoW is too casual

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    What is this... I don't even.

    Did you make a thread just to bash a different game?
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    This is not off to a good start. Please don't create threads that bash other games. Closing this.

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