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    Forming Herald of the Titans Group [H]

    Hello friends,

    Two other players and I are looking for form a new Herald of the Titans run. We would like to start filling out the rest of the roster spots and get this thing rolling pretty soon.

    Target Date: Sept. 4

    Target Time: 10:00 EST

    Faction: Horde

    Region: US

    To be eligible for a spot in this run, we are asking that your character show good intentions and effort. Naturally, not everyone is going to have BiS 226 gear and 232 weapons, but we are also not going to accept individuals with all greens and blues. Additionally, we have taken the time and effort to gem, enchant, and reforge our gear, so any of those extras are also appreciated.

    To sign up, make a post or a PM with your battletag, a link to your character, and which roles you are willing to play in the raid. I will update our current needs as we fill out spots.

    Currently Need

    1-2 tanks

    2 healers

    5-6 DPS

    (Differences in requirements can be attributed to dual spec.)

    Thanks guys!

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    shame your US, were doing a guild herald and are short 2-3 spots atm xD

    Good luck though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremypwnz View Post
    We have a post there as well, friend.

    Quote Originally Posted by chunkycarl View Post
    shame your US, were doing a guild herald and are short 2-3 spots atm xD

    Good luck though
    Thanks! Dang, that would have worked out great. Oh well, here is to hoping for cross-region raiding one day!

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    There is a thread right at the top of the forum for this


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