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    Quote Originally Posted by IsoLovesYou View Post
    What would you suggest the min ilvl for Flex SoO to be?

    When the patch hits, I would like to set up a server pug, and need a bar to set gearwise.
    I set my guild at 500, and none have much raiding experience.

    The reality is that the dps is very forgiving and they have it set up to where every person you have past 6 dps is expected to contribute progressively less. I would make sure your tanks are above 520, but everyone else should be fine above 500 if they are fairly decent players. Also, the first 4 bosses are very easy.

    The real problem is if your PUG changes members every week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zstr View Post
    nvm they removed it after ppl whine I see
    Blizzard never had a requirement for Flex.. it is the same as normal mode raids.

    Are you maybe confusing heroic scenerios??

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    Quote Originally Posted by rijn dael View Post
    I have been doing flex on ptr, where we were scaled to 510-520 (depending which wing).

    We had zero difficulties downing the first four with 510, and the only issues we had were player IQ (holding *off* on dps for protectors, and for the third guy while we waited on corruption being reset).

    It wasn't a gear check by any means. I would however refuse to bring anyone who wasn't on voice comms, because you need to make calls as you go on a few fights.
    That was my thinking as well. Except for the tanks, there are really no big dps races on the first 3 bosses. It is more about avoiding avoidable damage and smart dps. The devs also said that the dps expected from each individual players is lower the more people you add. So if you add a 14th dps, he won´t cause the boss to increase in health as much as your 7th dps did. (hope that makes sense).

    I am not that worried about it. I am telling my guild 500, but I know the tanks and healers are much higher than that, so I will let some dps slip in low and see how it goes.

    Another thing to remember, the first boss is very easy. What you may do.. Flex the first two bosses, then if you have trouble on 3 or 4, maybe go and do normal with your 10 best and get some gear and go back and do flex 3 and 4 the next night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Normie View Post

    The target audience is 1/12N. The raiders who are progressing in normal have ... normal ... and have no reason to be in flex at all other than for fun runs with their friends.

    If a group of beer drinking buddies can't clear the first wing in 3-6 hours starting in 505 or at most 510, Flex has no reason to exist.

    If it turns out to be too hard for that, I guarantee you Blizzard will nerf it hard within 1-2 weeks, till it is doable under those conditions, and quite possibly within 3-4 days.
    If you understood *why* guilds who are "progressing" on normal still haven't cleared it after all this time, you'd know why they are actually the primary audience for flex.

    The primary audience for normals are guilds that are currently 2-4/13 Hc.

    And again. Flex drops 540 ilvl loot. Which becomes 548 with upgrades. It would be retarded if casual players could faceroll through flex with 500-505 ilvl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrExcelion View Post
    Blizzard intends 502 per their PTR testing, but realistically I would expect group leaders to set requirements to hover around whatever it currently takes to get into ToT pugs on your server. This would be about 520 here.
    It is 502 because most testers are hardcore raiders from top 100 guilds. Average raiders (not talking about LFR baddies but people who aren't 13/13HC) will need much more.

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