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    [H] < Is A Panda> Frostmourne 4/14 25m

    <Is A Panda> Is a laid back group of late night oceanic raiders. Currently 4/14

    You don't have to be a panda join!

    Currently looking to recruit healers

    1x Disc/Holy Priest
    1x Holy Pally
    1X Warrior Tank
    DPS of any class/spec

    We are are looking for players with a Min iLVL of 510 preferably however all applications will be considered.

    We are laid back group adult players seeking to fill out 25m slots coming in to SoO.

    Our raid times are considered late night, we raid Wednesday/Thursday/Monday 11:30pm-2:30am ST.

    If your interested in joining us please visit our website http://isapanda.shivtr.com/ or contact myself (Vehementia BT: Azaile#6168) or any officer (Galaxis/Virgoshaka/Mushan) ingame or even here on the forums.

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    Bump for updates Currently 4/14

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