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    How are your keys bound for Arms?

    I just cannot get a key layout I am comfortable with. How are you binding your keys?

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    I've found binding my keys the same for every class I play works pretty well. Habit works better than a perfect setup that is unfamiliar.
    That said I use some pretty crazy key bindings solely because I switched to it in BC, got used to it and never looked back.
    Only time I changed up a few of my bindings is since I got a Naga at beg of MoP.

    G: Charge
    Shift G: Heroic Leap (now bound to my Naga actually)
    H: Battle Shout
    Shift H: BzR
    T: Bloodthirst / Mortal Strike / SSlam (main ability)
    Shift T: Heroic Strike (resource dump/burst ability)
    V: Wild Strike / Overpower / Revenge (proc ability)
    Shift V: Worgen Sprint
    Y: Dragon Roar / Bladestorm (super ability)
    `: Hamstring (snares, I don't pvp so hardly need it accessible).
    1: Heroic Throw (CC ability on alts)
    2: Cleave (still bound lol!) / Sweeping Strikes (its out of place but it has always been my "cleave" ability)
    3: Execute
    4: CSmash
    5: Raging Blow / Slam
    6: Interrupt (now on Naga also)
    Shift ` (aka ~): Intimidating Shout
    Shift 1: Mass Spell Reflect / Disrupting Shout /
    Shift 2: Shield Wall / Taunt when it needs a bind
    Shift 3: Demo Banner
    Shift 4: Disarm
    Shift 5: Whirlwind / Thunderclap
    Shift 6: Shattering Throw
    Shift C: DbtS (always my go to Defensive, might change with SWall in 5.4)
    Shift X: Rocket Boots (usually my second defensive, gave it a good bind for things like H Lei Shen)
    Shift Z: Rallying Cry (always my primary raid CD)
    Shift F: Special Mention - My HEALTHSTONE! Very important, if you are any kind of raider and don't have this bound, do it now!

    My Naga has mostly cooldowns and utility;
    1: Mumble button
    2: Heroic Leap macro (auto clicks)
    3: Bloodbath
    4: Interrupt/Focus Interrupt
    5: Auto Run (very useful, in and out of raid )
    6: Reck
    7: Potion
    10-12: Battlestance, Def Stance, Bz Stance

    Sorry that was long: I like this set up because it always keeps my fingers on home row, and I hate cntrl/alt modifiers. It also keeps my fingers from moving very far during different rotations. Other than that its pretty crazy; anyways maybe it'll just give you some ideas or something. Also I'm bored and can't sleep.

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    Mine isn't that impressive, I just tossed things in places that felt good...

    1- MS
    2- CS
    3- OP
    4- Execute
    5- Slam/Shift 5- Dragon Roar
    `- Heroic Strike
    G- Heroic Leap
    T- Bladestorm
    Y- Thunderclap/Shift Y- Whirlwind
    F1-3 are my Major CDs
    Shift E- Charge

    Those are my most used ones I think...the rest are in bad spots mostly due to a habit I picked up in starcraft(A bad one even there...of taking my hand off my mouse...)

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    Yes, I cannot play with alt/ctrl modifiers I guess I just have to do it in a way and play with it until it feels natural. Thanks for the replies

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    W - Mortal Strike
    S - Slam
    T - Execute
    R - Overpower
    D - Colossus Smash
    Z - Sweeping Strikes
    Shift-S - Droar/Bstorm
    Shift-Q - Reck and friends
    ` - Heroic Strike
    1 - Charge
    2 - Pummel
    3 - Hamstring
    4 - Whirlwind
    5 - Battle/Commanding Shout
    6 - Taunt
    A - Bloodbath/Synapse Springs

    That seems to be most fundamentals.

    Edit: X - Thunderclap

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    Quote Originally Posted by creb99 View Post
    Yes, I cannot play with alt/ctrl modifiers I guess I just have to do it in a way and play with it until it feels natural. Thanks for the replies
    What's with the shift modifier? Or any modifier at all? You can change anything to a modifier as long as it suits your hand-position.

    Unless you get a mouse with several extra buttons you'll have a bad time on a warrior without at least one modifier because it's unlikely you'll end up with <30 hotkeys, more likely 40+ in the end esp. while playing arena.

    ^ charge
    2 overpower
    3 ms
    4 colossus
    q execute
    e slam
    f interrupt

    just a snippet

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    been arms for like 6 years, i got no shift keys, no alts, no function keys and only one macro for CDs, maybe im just weird
    i live by one motto! "lolwut?"

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    Keybinds are very personal, no right or wrong way to do them, as you probably know. The hardest part to a bind is getting your muscle memory going. As Archimtiros stated, bind all your toons to the same binds so that your muscle memory is easier to kick in(Example Counterspell on a mage could be ~ so on your warrior, you should put pummel there as well.

    My binds seem to be a little different than what has been posted so i will cover mine, maybe you will get an idea, maybe not. Good luck either way.

    I don't use alt or control modifiers too much because my hands cant reach them comfortably. :P

    Main Action Bar:

    Middle mouse button: Execute
    Shift+E: Thunder Clap
    Right Arrow key: Intervene **Naga button 12**
    Mouse button 4(bottom side button): Heroic Leap
    Mouse button 5(top side button): Charge

    Top Left Action Bar:

    ~:Victory rush
    F7: Pummel **Naga button 3**
    F5:Cd macro **Naga button 1**
    F6: Piercing Howl
    Z: disarm macro
    shift+F: Heroic Throw
    F: Shattering
    R: Intimidating shout
    F9:Reflect weapon swap maco **Naga button 5**
    F10: not used for arms **Naga button 6**
    X: Die by the sword
    Shift+X: Shield wall macro

    Top Right Action Bar:

    F8: Shockwave **Naga button 4**
    V: Pvp Trinket
    Shift+V: Symbiosis
    F11: Place Banner/ Intervene banner macro(1) *Naga button 7*
    F12: Place Banner/ Intervene banner macro(2) * 8*
    Shift+mouse button 5: Healthstone
    Shift+mouse button 4: Food macro
    Down Arrow: Berzerker rage *naga button 10*
    Shift+Middle Mouse: Focus Macro
    F3: Health shout
    F2: Commanding shout/swap back to 2h macro
    F1: Battle Shout/swap back to 2h macro

    Side bar:
    G: Ground Mount
    Shift+G: Flying mount

    My naga buttons are set up like this

    1:f5 2:f6 3:f7
    4:f8 5:f9 6:f10
    7:f11 8:f12 9:up arrow
    10:down arrow 11:left arrow 12:right arrow

    I can provide a screenshot later if it's even wanted.

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    My Keybinds are close and fits me well. I use them for all my characters, but my warrior is the one I made most of them on...
    I use my Naga to mimick the 1-12 buttons. I don't know why, I just did when I got it.. :P

    1. Thunder Clap
    2. Mortal Strike
    3. Colossus Smash
    4. Dragon Roar/that tier of talent
    5. Overpower
    6. Slam
    7. Heroic Throw
    8. Heroic Strike
    |. Execute
    Shift-1. Battle Shout
    Shift-2. ExtraActionButton1
    Shift-3. Racial, in this case War Stomp
    Shift-4. Potion
    Shift-5. Heroic Leap
    CTRL-1. Skull Banner
    CTRL-2. Healthstone
    CTRL-3. Gear set since we still have to use shield macros...
    CTRL-4. Rallying Cry
    CTRL-5. Die by the Sword
    CTRL-6. Shield Wall macro
    Shift-R. Intimidating Shout
    F. Pummel
    Shift-D. Berserker Rage
    CTRL-D. Bloodbath/that tier of talent
    Shift-G. Intervene
    Shift-Q. Recklessness/I Win macro
    Shift-A. Sweeping Strikes
    Shift-S. Demoralizing Banner
    Shift-R. Spell Reflection macro
    G. Mocking Banner
    E. Cleave with CTRL modifier macro for WW to spread Bloodbath if there's many adds
    T. Stance macro with Shift and CTRL modifiers
    Q. Charge
    Alt-1. Glove engineer tinker
    Alt-2. Engineer glider
    Alt-3. Bandage
    Alt-4. Nitro Boost
    Alt-5. Taunt
    Alt-F. For those rare occasions Mass Spell Reflection is usefull, other times Symbiosis.
    CTRL-S: Shattering Throw
    Shift-W: Disrupting Shout/that tier of talent
    Shift-F. Mounts.
    CTRL-F. Tundra Mammoth

    That's a total of 43 keybinds with modifiers to try and save space.
    Some of these might seem odd to you, but it has worked for me since Classic more or less, with a few additions when new abilities came along.
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    Mine is extremely similar in all specs.

    E - MS/BT
    R - Raging Blow/OP
    T - Colossus Smash
    F - Wild Strike/Slam
    G - Whirlwind
    V - Execute
    SE - Nothing (cleave used to be there)
    SR - Pummel
    ST - Hamstring
    SF - Thunderclap
    SG - ExtraActionButton1
    SV - Shout
    Q - Rallying Cry
    Z - Sunder
    1 - Die By The Sword
    2 - Healthstone
    3 - Shieldwall/Shield+1H macro
    Naga1-Reck/Blood Fury/Skull Banner
    N2 - Berserker Rage
    N3 - HT
    N4 - Charge/Intervene
    N5 - Heroic Strike
    N6 - Quest item macro (so you don't have to mouse-click the quest items for dailies and such)
    N7 - t60 macro (Dragon Roar, Bladestorm, Shockwave)
    N8 - Heroic Leap
    N9 - Shattering Throw
    N10 - Bloodbath
    N11 - Disrupting Shout
    N12 - Mass Spell Reflect/Vigilance
    F1 - Battle Stance
    F2 - Berserker Stance
    ShiftMousewheelUp - BStance/DPS equipset macro
    ShiftMousewheelDown - DefStance/SnB equipset macro
    ShiftMousewheelClick - Demoralizing Banner

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    1. piercing howl. +shift. battle stance
    2. ms +shift. defensive stance
    3. charge/cancel bladestorm macro +shift. weapon swap
    4. overpower +shift. pvp trinket
    5. execute +shift. heroic throw
    6. hamstring +shift. 90 tier talent
    7. mass spell reflect +shift-space. shattering throw
    g. pummel +shift. spell reflect
    f. col smash +shift. shield wall
    t. disarm +shift. die by the sword
    r. slam +shift. recklessness
    b. zerker rage +shift. commanding OR battle shout
    v. bladestorm/45 tier +shift. int shout
    ctrl c.

    Haven't played in a while but I know I have other abilities bound to the rest of those and to their shift modifiers.
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    1 - MS
    2 - OP
    3 - Slam
    4 - HS
    5 - Execute
    6 - Victory rush
    f - heroic throw
    t - shockwave
    q - thunderclap
    b - dps trinket
    r - recklessness
    c - piercing howl
    x - stance
    e - disarm
    g - Avatar/banner
    | - spell reflect
    alt + a - shattering throw
    alt + | - shield wall
    alt + f - Commanding/banner
    alt + d - Hamstring
    alt + q - pummel
    alt + w - CS
    alt + e - Shout
    alt + 2 - berserker rage
    alt + 1 - sweeping strike
    alt + s - fear
    alt + 3 - Die by the sword

    razor naga mouse buttons:

    scroll push down - stance
    scroll up/down - target1/2
    3 - charge
    alt + 3 - charge focus
    5 - interrupt focus
    6 - safeguard
    alt + 6 - banner
    9 - heroic leap
    2 - trinket
    1 - two hander
    11/12 - mounts
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    1 - Heroic Strike
    2 - Mortal Strike
    3 - Overpower
    4 - Slam
    5 - Pummel

    E - Colossus Smash
    F - Execute
    X - Thunerclap
    C - Dragon Roar
    Q - Bloodbath
    T - Charge
    Z - Sweeping Strikes

    CTRL+C - Battle/Berserker/Battle stance macro
    CTRL+F - Recklessness
    CTRL+G - HP Shout
    SHIFT+F - Shieldwall

    Those should be the most relevant ones.
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    From memory it's like

    F1 - charge (where I put main mobility cd for all toons)
    F2 - CS
    F3 - interrupt (same on all toons with an interrupt)
    F4 - Dragon Roar
    F6-9 - DPS CDs, utility etc

    1 - MS
    2 - OP
    3 - Slam
    4 - WW
    5 - Cleave I think?

    The right side of my number keys is defensives. I follow a similar setup on every character.
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    I might be late to the party, but uh.... http://www.razerzone.com/gaming-keyb...razer-nostromo

    I have the scroll wheel set on mine to page to a second action bar, so yeah...i'm set, I actually find arms with LESS button management than other things I play like my druid.

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    Can't remember off by heart due to Servers being down and cba to find a Screenshot. Use a Razer Naga and Steelseries Merc Stealth Keyboard.
    WASD is Movement
    Alt-R is Healthstone
    R is Trinket
    All other things are bound 1-12 and using Ctrl, Alt and Shift Modifiers

    Things I remember are:
    1 - Charge
    Ctrl-1 - Heroic Leap
    5 - Execute
    Ctrl-5 - Pummel
    8 - Shockwave
    11 - Intimidating Shout
    Ctrl-3 - HAM
    Ctrl-2 - PVP Trinket
    Alt-6 - Die by the Sword

    Tbh I could probably get away with making most of these Mod:Shift/Ctrl/Alt Macros, but I like to see the buttons still.

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    I used my current keybindings back in the Quake 2 days (oh the joy of getting old). It works very good with non-standart keyboard (currently I use curved keyboard).

    RDFG is for movement and everything around (2-3 buttons in each direction) are used for keybindings.
    The important thing in my setup is the mouse scroll, I use it to switch between main action bar pages (scroll up = page 1, scroll down = page 2). This gives you 2 actions per key, for example T is Mortal strike in Page 1 and Slam in Page 2.
    The skills I use less are positioned further away from movement keys.
    The one macro that saves one key is charge/intervene on the same keybinding (mouse 4 for me, mouse 5 is leap)

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    I have a G600 mouse so all numbers >4 are not pressed on my keyboard:

    I have a few abilities missing since it's PTR, (e.g. pot = alt+f; taunt = shift+g). Taunt is actually hidden next to my meter.
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    i use the mouse wheele to change between 2 action bars. that gives me an extra 12 buttons without shift hassles.

    bar one:
    1 - heroic strice
    2 - overpower
    3 - colossus smash
    4 - slam
    f - mortal strike
    q - execute
    c - charge
    e - pummel
    x - shockwave (or the other 2 talents)
    v - berserker rage
    r - die by the sword
    y - heroic throw

    bar two:
    1 - trinket 1 (dps trinket)
    2 - trinket 2 (insignia)
    3 - taunt
    4 - hamstring
    f - whirlwind
    q - sweeping strikes
    c - intervene (or talent)
    e - the ae roar interrupt talent
    x - thunder clap
    v - wotf racial
    r - shield wall
    y - the dispelling throw things

    shift bar:
    1 - ap roar
    2 - stamina roar
    3 - cleave
    4 - dmg reduce banner
    f - victory rush
    q - reflect
    c - leap
    e - disarm
    x - fear
    v - mocking banner
    r - ae last stand
    y - ground mount

    tab - reck + skull banner + trinket etc dmg makro
    5 - throw dagger
    alt 1/2/3 - stances
    < - flying mount
    f1 - bandages
    f2 - cannibalism
    f3 - potion
    f4 - healthstone

    i play my warrior only in pvp. it is rather convinient for me. i don't use makros for weapon switch right now as the shield req is removed in 5.4 (and i'm lazy ...)

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    Bound is as following: http://i.imgur.com/8POVYSa.jpg
    Naga is bound to f1-f12 and X is bound to battle stance, just can't be seen on the picture
    I'm too lazy to write 'em all.
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