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    Hello, does anyone want to be recruited? I'll pay for your Mists of Pandaria expansion on the 1st of next month, and we'll level to 90 as quickly as we can.

    - You must be over the age of 18.
    - You must be able to play a lot.
    - You must be a Horde player

    You can pick the server as long as it has a good population Horde side because I do want to raid/pvp.

    <e-mail snipped>
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    Without a doubt this will likely get locked, however, why not just dual-box and "RAF" yourself? RAF stops working at level 80 anyway so paying for someone else to get to 90 seems like a rather large expense when you could just invite yourself, multi-box and level to 80 with just the battlechest upgrade and nothing more.

    Advantage is, you can then also provide both characters with heirlooms that you wouldnt be able to if the other account isnt connected to your B.Net account.

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    There's already a sticky thread for SOR/RAF. Please have a look at that and follow the rules listed there (no personal information, etc.). You can get in touch through PM's if you wish.

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