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    "The technology for scaling up old content is mostly in place now, but the devs haven't come up with a good rewards scheme for scaled up old dungeons and raids yet. Today, players can go back and solo old content for transmog gear, but if they were going to go back and do it in an appropriately sized group, they would expect something useful other than transmog gear."

    Woah, did anybody else expect this? Making old content relevant again would be incredible, so much fun!!! Doing old raids wouldn't feel nostalgic but could actually be useful!
    They've talked about it before so I'm not at all surprised they were actually looking into it. It did however surprise me a bit that they're that far along with it already.

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    Scaling of old content suggests to me that they're out of new ideas to keep the game fresh, this is not surprising given the age and depth of the game already - although I hope for every success, copy/pasting as they did with Naxx and re-hashing old stuff in Cata seemed to be less than successful......some might suggest #cashinginthecashcow

    With 5.4 being the last raid tier, seems like the new expac can't come quick enough, probs stuck with this one until Q2 2014, is it their intenions to convert this to an annual expansion with quarterly DLC like Call Of Duty (which also uses old maps )?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daws View Post
    "The Horde version of the cinematic after Garrosh will show the process of the Warchief selection. The Alliance version will be slightly different". Given the whole horde/alliance issues with this expansion I somehow doubt seperate endings are going to pan out I can almost here the argument now 'OMG horde ending was awesome but the alliance one sucked'. Of course I'll be happy to be proven wrong but I sense a final wave in the Alliance vs Horde content of MoP on the rise here.
    Depends on how they're different. Going by the difference between the horde and alliance "Get to Twilight Highlands" experience, "Slightly different" could mean "Exactly the same, except we're going to just cut out the warchief selection from the alliance version". We've had a pretty bad history of Horde stuff being developed first, and then either the alliance stuff just doesn't get done (the afore-mentioned THL entrance), or we just get given the horde version, with the horde specific bits cut out (and no alliance specific bits put in)

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