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    Lei shen HC (10) P2 ball lightning.


    We started progressing lei shen this sunday, and continued this monday. Haven't had a complete day of wiping yet (Connection issues among other stuff) but we've still managed to squeeze 40 wipes in.

    Right now we're still dying sometimes in p1 (rarely) by just 'regular' fails i guess.
    In transition one it goes good sometimes, and some other times it goes to shit.

    Our setup is the following
    Prot pala x2
    Holy pala
    Resto druid

    Fire mage
    Affli wlock x2
    Balance druid
    BM hunter
    Ele shammy

    Our quadrant setup right now is
    North - 1 tank
    East - 2 wlocks 1 tank
    South - Holy pala, balance druid, bm hunt
    west - Resto druid, fire mage, ele shammy.

    I'm probably gonna change the hunter and mage to the east quadrant since they have the ability to block 100% of the static shock, instead of just reducing damage taken.

    Right now, the east platforms are having troubles sometimes getting diffusion adds, tank being too slow to pick them up (We know that he can't taunt, but they got normal threat table, if you attack em) Or just getting bouncing balls together with static shock, sometimes manages to kill a warlock (If there's adds up on that platform).

    South and west are relatively fine, we got warlock portals in the end for helm of command incase someone gets knocked back too far. And since we're 3 on each, taking bouncing balls wont be a problem.

    Here's where the bad stuff starts happening.

    When we manage to survive T1 (Haven't happend that many times yet) we move the boss to the east platform, diffusion lightning platform.
    Everyone except 3 designated people stack up, and we force only 3 ball lightnings to spawn. The spawn damage from the balls is relatively low and easy to deal with, however their attack deals 250k dmg in a 3yard area. So if people stay stacked under the boss, there's a big chance everyone might take a 250k hit right away, and if we get 2x ball lightnings flying in, that's 500k dmg, which is a wipe.

    The tactic we have now is to force spawn 3 ball lightnings, as soon as they spawn we spread out and singletarget nuke them down, trying to stun whenever possible. However, we also get static shock during this time, is the idea that we should have killed all ball lightnins before we need to stack up with static shock? Or is he gonna try somehow to solo soak it? (If he got cd on immunities from T1 i don't see how he can solo soak it).

    If we figure out that part i believe the rest of p2 should be rather easy aslong as we keep forcing only 3 lightning balls to spawn. Also we're maxing out diffusion lightning pillar in p2, leaving it at lvl 2 + 90% or something so that it gets destroyed. And we're also gonna try to not level up overcharge, keeping it as low as possible.

    So how do you handle the ball lightnings without a dk massgripping it? Also, what dps requirement would you say is required in order to push T2 without leveling a second pillar up?

    (Here's the logs, but for some reason they got bugged or something :S Says we wiped 8 times on normal and 12 times on heroic.)
    We have about 6 raiding days left, 4 hours per raid, so 24 hours left to down this boss. Everyone is very eager to get it down before 5.4 hits, any tips at all is greatly appreciated.


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    No, diffused lightning don't have normal thread table on heroic (and on normal if I'm remembering that right). They fixate on the player that spawned them and cast whenever they get into melee. You should snare/stun/root them to prevent them from casting. As for the bouncing balls, just have your raid spread out when they bounce and save your stuns for when you have static shock. You should ideally be killing them off before static shock though, yes.
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    You have the general idea of p2 execution right, but if you pay attention to the timers, you'll see that you are taking unnecessary damage.

    T1->P2 goes as follows:
    The very first ball lightning cast and Diffuse Add spawn almost always coincide. Best tactic here is to spawn as little ball lightnings as possible and only 1 diffused add. You do this by getting all of your ranged (besides 3 that are standing out) into melee range of the boss. Key word here is MELEE RANGE (distance that you can melee the boss with your staff). People do not have to be stacked on top of eachother, in fact you should AVOID STACKING because 1) you reduce the chance of x2-x4 spawn of diffuse adds and when the balls jump, only couple people will take ~200k damage at a time (no insta-deaths).
    Additionally,for the first diffused lightning cast, all of your ranged have to be 8 yards apart from each other. But since diffuse cast coincides with diffuse and you have no melee dpses (only ranged and healers are valid targets for the initial diffused lightning cast), I'd advice to only get a couple of your ranged dpses into melee and deal with increased number of ball lightnings by popping a raid cd (devo aura is fine here) and stunning them (lock, pally,sham). Deal with static shock by getting the person with debuff into melee and get people into the blue circle. The ball lightning jump will often coincide with static shock explosion, make sure that static shock soakers are 3 yards away from each other.

    After the first diffuse+ball cast, the timers will normalize and will follow the pattern of DIFFUSED LIGHTNING->~3 sec break-> STATIC SHOCK-> ~3 sec break-> BALL LIGHTNING SPAWN. What you want to do here is have your ranged spread out for diffusion, then deal with static and ball lightning by stacking your dpses in melee (except the 3 "stay out ppl"). Transition away from the diffused lightning pillar with 2nd fusion slash.

    In general, my advice would be always lean towards spawning more ball lightnings than spawning more diffused lightning adds, as diffused adds are way way way more dangerous.
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    Let the tanks solo the intermissions. Stunrotate on adds and pop some minor cds, AG for ele sham etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluorescent0 View Post
    As for the bouncing balls, just have your raid spread out when they bounce and save your stuns for when you have static shock. You should ideally be killing them off before static shock though, yes.
    I dont think this is possible with no dk. You have no more than 2 globals before shock explodes.

    We don't force 3 balls since it felt it needed too much coordination at this point due to diffusion lightning. We just stay spread till chain hits, then group 3 yards away from each other around the boss to split shock dmg, and if u are 3 yards spread you wont take splash dmg eighter. 1 Dev aura so nobody dies from shock + ball jump and every1 is safe.

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    You should not force 3 Ball Lightnings on first spawn due to Diffusion Chain. Just CD through it as others have said.

    On progression we felt that having a good timing for going into Transition 2 was much more important than meeting some DPS-Requirement. There is no problem with having 3 Overcharges in T2 as long as you spread out to your designated plattforms early enough (going on Bouncing Ball plattform in T2, Diffusion Chain plattform moves there already at ~32%).

    In order to move fast throughout the fight you need to get the same timings in every try. Keep taunting at the same time in every single try. Here is our schedule for example (starting on Static Shock in P1 and Diffusion Chain in P2, going clockwise everytime):

    1# Switch on Decapitate,
    2# Switch when Diffusion Chain Timer hast 6/7 seconds left after Thunderstruck
    3# Switch directly after Thunderstruck

    - Transition 1 -

    (get the Boss ASAP in Range of Diffusion Pillar and tank him directly next to the pillar)

    1# Switch after the second Fusion Slash
    2# Switch after the second Fusion Slash (we tank him on maxrange of the pillar on Overcharge -> getting like 2 Energy less than on Diffusion Chain)
    Dmg Stop @33%
    Start Dmg again when he is moving to Bouncing Bolt
    3# Push him into Transition 2 after Bouncing Bolt, but before Ball Lightning Spawn

    What I'm trying to tell is, if you can simulate the same plattform timers in every try. You just need to learn P1 and P2 by heart and can focus on transitions.
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    The ball lightning aoe range is incredibly incredibly small, it's only 3 yards which is basically nothing. You can still fit people inside an SS circle and not be within 3 yards of each other.

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    also dont forget that you can move and actually dodge the ball lightning jumps, especially with a personal movement speed buff making the damage they mightve caused trivial, i would recomend milking the poo out of that, especially on the first ball lightning spawn which is generally the most dangerous.

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    Very nice tips here.

    So in P2 at the start, everyone should stand out until first diffusion, try to stack quickly before lightning ball (except for 3 guys), when lightning ball spawns, we can move out again and keep dpsing lightning balls, whomever get's static shock can stand still so 3 other guys can stack together with him, staying 3 yards away but still inside the circle to soak it with him.

    After that first static shock, timers should be alot better so stacking / spreading will be done more smoothly. On second fusion slash we move him to overcharge pillar. And from that pillar and onwards we can just stay stacked up at all times, except for 3 guys ofcourse so that should go alot smoother.

    If we have to level up the Overcharge in P2, will that not make T2 very painful? I can imagine the only way that it works is if everyone personally checks their DBM timers and stacks up before overcharge is supposed to be incoming? Upgrading the overcharge pillar will force 2 overcharges to come on the same platform, correct?

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    If one of the 3 ball lightning spawners gets a static shock, we usually have them run into melee group and a back up ranged takes their place (mage, hunter, demo lock works great here), you will have more than enough time to call it on vent and for people to run in/out before balls spawn.

    If you level Overcharge, it will make T2 slightly harder than it should be, but nothing that you can't deal with. You just have to make sure that all 3 of your platforms have a valid target for Overcharge (any non-tank specced player). We usually do Melee+Tank, Melee+Tank, 4 Range+2Heal spread in T2, which guarantees that Diffused lightnings will only spawn on the 6-person quadrant and if we were to level overcharge, there would not be any double-overcharges on platforms.

    We ended up not leveling Overcharge conduit though, as it makes transition from Overcharge->Bouncing bolts quite tricky due to timers on overcharge/static shock lining up with 2nd fusion slash. You'll need to 1) position the boss at max range from the pillar and 2) tank him away from the pillar (taking raid aoe) for 1-2 seconds before 2nd fusion slash in order to prevent Overcharge from going out AND deal with a static shock as you are moving towards bouncing bolt platform. Tbh, just yell at your dpses to push him without leveling Overcharge in P2, it will make your life easier

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    It does not look like we'll be able to push P2 without leveling overcharge pillar. Even using bloodlust it's a bit tight at the moment. Do you think BL is 100% required in P3? Or is it just worth overcharging overcharge?

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    Level overcharged. You will need bloodlust for p3 for sure.

    As long as you have at least one valid target per quadrant for an overcharged you will only get 3 per time in a transition making it a non-issue (ie no doubles on one quadrant)

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    Leveling up overcharge only makes second transition a bit harder, it depends on your raid but if with current gear you can't push it without leveling up i feel you'll have a hard time on P3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanktas View Post
    If we have to level up the Overcharge in P2, will that not make T2 very painful? I can imagine the only way that it works is if everyone personally checks their DBM timers and stacks up before overcharge is supposed to be incoming? Upgrading the overcharge pillar will force 2 overcharges to come on the same platform, correct?
    As long as you have valid targets for overcharge on 3 different platforms you will not have 2 happen on the same platform. I do not understand why u are afraid of overcharge since this ability will never hit anyone. If u don't level it, it will happen on 2 platform instead of 3, i don't get how will this make the transition harder. Problems of 2nd transition come from the diffusion add since its big and it hits hard, which means when u are stacked for overcharge some1 need to push it, stun it so it doesnt rape you.

    P3 is where the real deal starts. The dmg the raid takes is insane. You need the bloodlust, don't even think u will do it w/o it.

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    Level overcharge, it doesn't even matter it just means you get it on 2 platforms instead of 3, executed properly it doesn't make T2 any harder at all.

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    Ah! I was under the impression that we would get 2 overcharges on one platform by leveling it up. Should be a non issue then.

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    We've started reaching p3 alot more now, but we really don't last long in there, best try at 20%. I figured i could write down our p3 tactic and get some feedback if it's how it's supposed to be done or if we should change anything.

    At the start of P3 we move the boss to the left side of the room. Our 2 warlocks pops up portals from that side, all across to the other side. We stay spread out for 1st diffusion and immediatly stack up under the boss, except for 3 guys staying out for ball lightning.
    Around this time we get statick shock. When there is 2-3 sec left on static shock, thunderstruck comes. We stay and soak static, then immediatly use 2 warlock portals to get to the other side, taking minimum damage from thunderstruck. Tanks starts to move as soon as thunderstruck is on the ground.

    We haven't really gotten that far yet. How does that P3 tactic look to you guys? Anything you'd change?

    thanks for your replies!
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    Knowing what is actually wiping you could help. Oh, and if you have an immunity use that instead of having the raid take damage from the static shock.
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    There are 2 ways you can approach p3:

    1) Tank+Melee in the middle, 1 group of healer + couple ranged dps on the left side, 1 group of healer + couple ranged on right side. These ranged groups stay at max range at all times during wind phase and use demonic gate to avoid thunderstruck. This method has an advantage of 1 healer always being stationary.

    2) Everyone starts on the same platform. As soon as the boss casts lightning whip, tanks move to the other platform with melee and ranged/healers stay at max range during winds. When thunderstruck comes, all ranged and healers move to the tank's side. Rinse and repeat.

    Some other tips that might help you:
    - Never ever spawn more than one diffused lightning, even if that means that there will be more ball lightnings
    - After 2nd thunderstruck there will be a static shock during winds phase. Have a person solo soak it or let him/her die and rez (unless you can get ALOT of people on top of him/her)
    - Don't try to ignore adds until the boss is sub 5% to be safe, because a 2% wipe is still 20 million++ hitpoints away from a kill.
    - Use your damage reduction cds as sooner than later for thunderstruck in order to stabilize the raid
    - If you decide to use demonic gateways for thunderstruck, people need to spread out IMMEDIATELY, otherwise you risk insta-gibs due to multiple ball lightnings spawning on top of eachother

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    I like that first method for p3. However, doesn't that mean you'll get 8 lightning balls? (In a setup with 2 heals 6 ranged)
    How hard is it gonna be dealing with all those extra balls?

    As for the second method, is it always gonna be the same pattern of abilities

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