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    Healing problems on mageara

    Hello,yea I know we are late to the train, we are a new guild who just got our first tot 10 group together a week ago. Here is a log of the fights worldoflogs.com/ reports/rt-x8fv70750pi2qcoo/details/78/ . We did the green/red only tactic. I am not exactly sure whether its our healers failing, or dps being too low to finish the heads off early enough. Any input would be appreciated .

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    Taking a quick look at the logs I can offer your Disc Priest some suggestions. Looking at his top heals and armory he/she needs to be getting Crit over Mastery. Divine Aegis should be the top heal on that fight. If you want to go Mastery you have to have an absurd amount to make going straight mastery worth while. Secondly Power Infusion will help out more on Megaera (Extra CD and can help out mana if it becomes a problem). If the Rampages are giving you some trouble then I can also suggest that Divine Star will allow much more output than Halo.

    It also appears people are dying from Acid Rain and Cinders. If you haven't already you can have the Warlock set up a lock portal to allow people to move out of the raid quickly and therefore be able to get dispelled faster. As for Acid Rain have your healers cast heals preemptively and people nearby should use personal CDs. Your DPS is plenty fine to be able to down the boss.

    Hope this helps

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    Your dps is low and it's putting strain on your healers. Heads should die about a minute apart, the interval between your head kills was over 1:20 sometimes.

    A few healing pointers
    - Disc priest barely used prayer of mending. It's a great smart-heal that packs a punch.
    - H Pala should use Holy avenger as a talent, not divine purpose. HA lets you spam your nuts off every second rampage for the full duration of the rampage.

    Having said this, on the attempt I looked at people died from cinders (dispelling issue) and green clouds. People need to be further away from them when they impact.

    General comment is people aren't using personal CD's well either. No Divine protection from the pala, one cloak of shadows from the rogue etc etc.

    Bottom line is I don't think you are massively far away from killing it. 10 people making one or 2 little improvements adds up to a lot of efficiency. Have everyone go and think about how they can improve. (Dps should look at buff uptimes and CD usage)

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    If you guys really feel like you having a hard time healing maybe throw a frost head in there cause its far less dmg than killing green head, that acid rain dishes out a lot of raid dmg, but if you gonna stick with green red just save your lust for 7th head because acid rain is going to be doing so much dmg you don't want to deal with that for long during the 7th head

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    Holy pally is what I have the most experience with, so I'll start there. Get him to take holy avenger for this fight. It's up every other rampage, so use that for 2, 4 and 6 and weave in DF/AW and ancient kings as needed will do crazy things for his throughput.

    A few people mentioned the poison bombs. There are a few people who are either being hit directly or at least are close to a lot of them. You don't have to cross the room to be safe, but you do want to be safe. From the 4th/5th head on, bombs will be dropping frequently, so personal cd's should be used for every one you can hit. Also, after the 4th head dies, cinders should be dispelled immediately rather than waiting for people to move. There just isn't enough time to wait for them to move because they'll probably get globalled by an acid bomb if cinders ticks more than once or twice.

    Mixing a frost head kill will help with tank and raid damage. Substituting one in for a green for the 5th head will lower the number of poison bombs significantly and frost beam damage is 100% avoidable.

    Cinders, I'd suggest having a designated person dispel for the first 4 heads. After that, have a second person be ready to pick up the slack when they come out more frequently. This avoids people wasting mana on dispels if 2 people try to dispel the same person.

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    We struggled a lot with my guild with the killing only two heads tactic. Try out killing BRGBRGB. Worked out well for us every time. More abilities to take in yeah, but they do hurt a lot less.

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    Mageara is, in my opinion, the hardest ToT fight for healing. And this is probably going to sound weird, but I'd recommend 2 healing it. We tried with 3 for a while, swapped to 2 (I don't even remember why we thought this was smart) and it went so much better. Killing the heads faster is huge, if you can kill them and get 1 or 2 less Acid Sprays and Cinders then that is a lot less healing.

    Make sure not to waste any healing CDs in the first 3 Rampages, they don't do any damage anyway so there's no real point. Rampage 4 we use the Paladin 20% damage reduction, rampage 5 we don't use CDs, but we use Tranq after the first acid spray after the rampage, and then rampage 6 we use Disc Priest AoE bubble, and our other Paladins 20% damage reduction.

    We also lust on the 7th head, and it dies in about 40 seconds, which means after the 6th head is dead as long as you have 8-9 people up and use Lust you've killed the boss. This is definitely the hardest fight to heal though, in fact none of the others even come remotely close for healing.

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