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    Put so many bars in the AH... gonna become rich jaja

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    Quote Originally Posted by khalltusk View Post

    Cry as I learn LFR/Flex is not out yet!
    Wing 1 of flex is open day 1 . (Was said on twitter somewhere...)

    Quote Originally Posted by Apom View Post
    I thought the patch is coming today in EU, is it not????
    No...last week @gamescom they announced official release of 10th sept in US, which is the 11th in EU I believe.

    Decide whether to keep playing while servers get all crowded, or go play Kingdom hearts 1.5 remix ;_; I'm on to you blizzard!

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    Roll a shammy.....

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    Join a 40 man timeless coin farm group on openraid

    It stops giving coins when it's a raid. 5 man is fine though.

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    Sky golem!!

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    Log out and click "Load out of date addons"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paq View Post
    Roll a shammy.....
    best life choice you've ever made. ever. Shaman are the best ever. twice.

    OT: Probably run outside from Shrine. Then 2nd thing i'll do is hop on my flying mount. and thirdly JKing, I know what you meant I'm gonna go to Timless Isle and try to get some higher ilvl gear so I can finish celestial blessings and burn Wrathion down before inferno phase. The only thing shaman dont have is good AoE against low health enemies

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    blue moon, you saw me standing alone.. come on city!!
    i'll be looking to get my legendary back

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    First thing I'll do? Get that cloak!

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    I'm going to log in the second the servers are up and get the coins for my cloak, than organize a raid on the celestial, then I'm going to take my marry band of raiders and go down Ordos to try to land some epic warforged gear. From there, find a raiding guild.

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    Log on to get my legendary cloak; then log off until the next expansion.

    Softbottom <Game Over>

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    be out in the North Sea, crying myself to sleep because 5.4 comes out pretty much just when I'm going out..

    EDIT: Misread the question, thought it was when 5.4 hit..
    When I get to log in I'll hit the timeless isle definetely, test out proving grounds, check out the new world bosses, do some pvp and test out what char/spec to main in PVP
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    Proving Grounds. Or Timeless Isle. Depends on friends being online or not.

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    re-enchant all my looms

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    Put up the 6-7 tabs of pandaria mats and item enhancements I've been stock piling in preparation for another 500k+ gold making raid tier.

    And work on the shredder

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    Take the coins on my main
    Farm the legendary.
    Farm the Sky claw recipe > make day 1 mats
    Log into my main to do world boss and Ordos
    Do Flex
    Earn the tankin cheevo on proving grounds.

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    In front of the computer - Naked
    Try out them new P V P's

    Possible die a few times I'm sure, most likely to some Filthy Alliance

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    Grab Cloak, kill Ordos, kill Celestials, clear normal mode SoO...

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    Get full honor gear and wait for the season to start

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuna View Post
    Grab Cloak, kill Ordos, kill Celestials, clear normal mode SoO...
    what celestials

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