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    First thing you will do after logging in to 5.4,

    For me it is probably exploring the Timeless Isle and some PVP maybe to test out my buffs,

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    Probably try the Proving Grounds.

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    Have a shower, get some bacon then finish my Quest for my cloak.

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    Get the engineering golem recipe

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    Get the Sky Golem pattern on my Engineer.

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    grabbing the new coins for extra loot.

    after that probally starting wrathion follow up and then too timeless isle too rush my legendary cloak.

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    In the fridge

    pencil is cool

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    1) Log onto my paladin and start working on gathering Timeless Coins for the legendary questline.

    2) Get the recipe for the Sky Golem on my Warlock

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    Cry of frustration on the constant disconnects.

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    Get my Warforged Emblems from the coin guy, go to Wrathion and head straight to the Timeless Isle for my cloak.
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    Take a guess... no, NOT THERE! You and your dirty mind.
    VP cap. Cry.

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    Same thing I do every day, Pinky.
    Try to loot Mandokir's raptor.
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    I'd like to try flex raiding, but I don't think that will be the first thing I will do. I'll most probably just go to the Timeless Isle, fight the Celestials and after that, hit the Proving Grounds.
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    Timeless isle, I'm on a new alt so I'll need the gear.
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    Head for the isle to get my cloak/coins/eng recipe/face smashed in by horde.

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    1) First thing I will do is use my scroll of resurrection my friend sent me.
    2) Check out the Timeless Isle.
    3) See what character to boost to level 80.
    4) Do what ever else I can really since I won't have much time.

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    1) Warforged Emblems
    2) Heading to Timeless Isle to complete legendary quest chain.
    3) Sky Golem Schematic.

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    Well after I've resubbed 2 weeks after it's release to avoid all of the server issues that are common place on patch releases I will probably buckle down and start doing LFR and seeing how many flex raid groups are up and maybe give that a go. Ultimately though I just want to get some cheap gear and do SoO.

    I'm also planning on taking my main through all of the 1-60 content as I still haven't played through all of the stories. Also it's worth an achievement .

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    Legendary Quest Chain I guess

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    rage on forums because servers are lagging and nothing works properly
    the ultimate answer's to all rogue issues :

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