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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkenaw View Post
    Not that I know of, you fight them with a raid for a step in the cloak quest, but they don't drop loot.
    Actually I think they do.

    I may be wrong though.
    Quote Originally Posted by Princess Kenny View Post
    Avocado is a tropical fruit , south seas expansion confirmed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackmist View Post
    The most nerfed class in WoW is <my class>. <my class> seems to get nerfed every damn patch, unlike those <other class> that get buffed and still want more!

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    cloak > flex (dualbox, yay) > raid for real when everyone gets home.

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    get my legendary cloak

    probs farm timeless isle for coins for alt gear

    try join a flex raid pug during the evening if i cba

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    Post here about how unfair <insert new game feature here> is.
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    Log out realizing my addons are outdated :/

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    Become somewhat angry because I forgot to enable out of date addons, and having to re-log..
    I will go over all that's changed for my class, then I guess I would go to the timeless isle and start whatever's going on there.
    Oh and buy the PvP set for transmog, now that it will cost honor.

    Still working on my damn battle pets for the tournament.. it's so slow (well, feels like an eternity anyway) to level the damn pets, even with the +exp hat :P

    So much to do, so little time.

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    What's a short guide for someone who wants the sky Golem day 1 mats?
    I mean recipe location etc.

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    Legendary quest chain.

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    Timeless Isle, but I started leveling a new alt, maybe that.

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    Read the QQ threads about how flex needs to be nerfed/removed/buffed.

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    Log on my engineer alt and get the patterns for the daily crafted bar and the sky golem pattern

    Log on my main and do stuff

    Prepare for the raid zzzzz

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    go to the new isle and explore / do dailies etc.

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    Log on my three engineer alts and farm the daily crafted item schematic.

    Log on my Blacksmith alt and farm the daily crafted item plan.

    Log on my Tailor alt and farm the daily crafted item pattern.

    Log on my Leather worker alt and farm the daily crafted item pattern.

    Use all my daily CDs and do my farms.

    Go to timeless isle on my main.

    Check out proving grounds on my main.

    Raid SoO normal in the evening

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buu View Post
    Cry of frustration on the constant disconnects.
    Last time I've dealt with this was when the chicago data servers were down from storms a few months ago, and before that it was the cata launch. Since then blizzard has done a really good job with server management.

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    Turn in charms for Warforged tokens. THen log out, and wait for raid the next day
    Quote Originally Posted by Vaerys View Post
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    Get the golem recipe as well as the daily material recipe for both my engineers.
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