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    ...... i have....6 chars on 90 and i stil have to force myself to lvl other 4 . (only 5 lvls tho)

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    What to do with all my free time? Got s cruise Sept 8th and tomorrow gonna lay out in the sun by the lake with my girl lol.

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    All I see in those screenshots is pain...


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    That's kind of mad. but congratulations on your achievmenet.

    22 is such an unround number. i challenge you to go to 30.
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    Thats pretty crazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by taurenguard View Post
    Hehe idd, have 16 chars only working on 17th atm without raf ^^
    Yeah, I would never use RaF. I don't think it's "cheating," but if I level a character I slog it out with the normal experience bonuses.

    I have 6 level 90s and a couple more almost-89s. All Horde. I would probably only ever max out Horde toons.

    OP: Grats!

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    It was a pain levelling up one. Can't be fkd going through out land and panda quests again

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    Quote Originally Posted by aviger View Post
    I've never understood why people level the same class twice. specially now with dual spec. I understand wanting to play all classes and doing alliance/horde for all the stories but the exact same class..that just boggles my mind heh

    I just stopped at 5 90's, of which i really only play 2 full time. The rest were leveled with friends. Doing the same dailies/raids over and over gets reaaallly boring
    i had not 1, not 2, but 3 level 80 paladins in wotlk.

    my main was a pally and i always had to tank on him, so i rolled another one to go ret, then during the long months of ICC and little else to do, i rolled another paladin on the opposite faction.

    i had a lot of time to play back in those days, not so much any more. i REALLY enjoyed playing my pally in wotlk, but since, i've only really played the one that was my main, the other 2 are now gathering dust on other servers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grand Crusader Absalom View Post
    It was a pain levelling up one. Can't be fkd going through out land and panda quests again
    I pretty much never quest when I'm leveling. I did for 3-4 characters in MoP because dungeon and BG XP is so ridiculously nerfed, but eventually I decided I would level by collecting treasures and killing rares. Works fine.

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    Altoholics unite?

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    I've had 11 for a long time (it's actually 14 in total though but they're all alliance.). My plan was always to eventually do it for both factions, I even have everything except monk (did it in cata) leveled to 15 so that I could start running random dungeons but I wanted someone to do it with and people I know are way too flaky with leveling to commit to even leveling up one char

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    Hey gz on your achievement, got quite a lot of 90s myself (23) and i think, if you love alts, this is great having good matches for classes or even RP matches : for example, i've leveled an orc warlock and a warrior because they both suit orcs greatly. A tauren shaman and a druid, a troll that is priest (sp because of the voodoo powa xD) and hunter (though i don't really enjoy this spec xD). Of course you need a crap lot of time to achieve such things but for the main part, one week end is enough (not even a full one so you can hang out in the night etc) even way easier now that Pandaria'x xp has been reduced.

    Anyway, gz to you, just one thing, what is RAF ?

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    Gratz! It feels good when finnishing this kind of things. I'm a kind of an altoholic myself too.
    I got enough leveling the 11 classes to 90 though, I refuse to play on the Alliance side (maybe I'll just level one character for the Double Agent achievement and that's it).
    My main is at 540 ilvl and two of the alters are around 510-515.

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    GZ man.

    Pity I can't stand MoP lvl up. The first day when the lvl up rush began I found it amazing, but that's it. After the first toon I find it the most boring lvl up I've ever seen, nd I blame the lack of world pvp on my realm :/

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    Grats Raoh. I was wondering what was up with all the alts popping up on my bnet and then you posted about the 22nd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lohe View Post
    If you're semi-hardcore or semi-casual what's the other half? To me, they're both the same thing.
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    Grats dude!

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    How can you not be bored stiff already? But to each their own I suppose.

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    Well done. Congratulations!

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