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    elemental question

    522 ULVS or 522 shadow pan twinket for elemental i have had shitty drops i'm 546 ilvl 14k haste with shadow pan

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    Shado-Pan > ULVS. ULVS is shit for Elemental
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    so is the 9400 haste buff is it not when already at 49% haste shrug

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    So reforge/regem away some haste?

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    I have 13xxx haste and 38% haste so 14k can't be 49%.

    and still shado-pan wins, sometimes when LMG is not up u'll gain value from the haste, also when it is up it'll make all casts 1 sec with LMG.

    but when UVLS is up...you do what? hope fulmination and EB is ready? or maybe a flame shock to make all ticks crit? just not fucking worth reacting to it's an insult to even acknowledge it has a proc it's only value it static int, and shado-pan has that as well.

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