Sup everyone so ive been playing WoW since about the start of BC and this itself gives me credit to be an elitist and I know back then it was harder trying to clear content and the game because at that time the game is still new and I was just trying to figure myself around my way in the game and in itself was a lot harder since there was no LFR or group find for anything and I find it was so gratifying spamming trade to form group and spamming is hard work isntead of just gruelling and I like torturing myself since i'm into sadomachosim and it transcends in game. Plus you had to flyout to the actual instance and yeah no you can'yt fly to instance anymore o wait we still can we just use that as an excuse. So basically if you werent in a hard core raiding guild you werent going to see any content unleass you could pay for it or you are porking the gm. Ive seen a lot of posts on other forums talking about how WoW has been dumbed down to the point where its unplayable now and everyone is blaming the casual player for this. My question is how exactly did the casual "ruin" WoW?